CISO Benchmark Report

In the world of security, unknown threats exist outside the enterprise in the form of malicious actors, state-sponsored attacks and malware that moves fast and destroys everything it touches. The unknown exists inside the enterprise in the form of insider threat from rogue employees or careless contractors - which was deemed by 24% of our survey respondents to post the most serious risk to their organizations. The unknown exists in the form of new devices, new cloud applications, and new data. The unknown is what keeps CISOs, what keeps you, up at night–and we know because we asked you. 

To inform this report, we've surveyed more than 3,200 security leaders across 18 countries, asking questions in three categories:

  1. Set Up: How do you set yourself up for success with training, budgets, drills, best practices, and other core competencies? 
  2. Architecture: What is your approach to vendor/solution selection and alert management?
  3. Breach Readiness and Response: How do you manage breaches in terms of what systems are affected, how much is lost, and how long does it take to recover? 
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