Every aspect of IT is currently under transformation. Hybrid cloud. Digital disruption. DevOps. AI. IoT. Ubiquitous connectivity. Mobility. Modern execution venues are diverse and sprawling, and your attack surface is now massive (and likely more porous than you know). And, with more digital assets than ever before spread across myriad environments—on prem, hybrid cloud, on the road—the likelihood of a cyber attack increases exponentially.

Against this dangerous and ever-shifting threat landscape, GreenPages helps clients gain a complete understanding of the current cyber threat landscape and implement the best frameworks, policies, and technical and procedural solutions to achieve business goals and outcomes.

CISO On Demand

Many of our clients are struggling to fill a big skills gap when it comes to architecting and implementing modern security architectures and solutions to protect against daily cybersecurity threats.

GreenPages’ CISO on Demand offers clients CISO services on an as-needed basis to help you align your security programs with business priorities. Our experienced security professionals provide the guidance and customized methodology required to solve immediate problems during short term engagements for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Understanding how proposed security controls will impact business operations, finances, and technology is a vital step in ensuring that you the best return on investment. Clients use GreenPages’ CISO on Demand services to cover for an interim CISO appointment or to accomplish specific tasks such as:

  • Creating or updating IT security policy
  • Managing IT risk against business goals
  • Developing a robust security program
  • Improving compliance posture to meet regulatory requirements
  • Reducing overall risk posture
  • Securing sensitive data
  • Cybersecurity training
  • Implementing services such as Splunk
  • Providing regular stakeholder-ready reports

Security Assessments & Consulting

Information is the engine of global enterprise, and fit-for-purpose information security is fundamental to managing global enterprise risk. Every company must rely on someone to assess its information security ecosystem and evaluate the potential harm to the stakeholders in the event of a breach or data loss. Our clients trust us to help them implement security best practices to protect their company's most valuable asset, its information.

From emerging threats to regulatory mandates, our cybersecurity solutions and expertise enable organizations to satisfy governance and/or the frameworks under which their organizations are standardized. We do this by embracing new technologies, assessing clients’ ability to recognize threats, and mitigating risks present in their IT environments and business functions.

GreenPages provides a wide range of customizable security assessments and consulting services to ensure your organization meets your security needs today and is positioned to meet the changing landscape of regulatory compliance and threats with a minimal impact to your business.

GreenPages’ Security Assessments & Consulting Services help clients:

  • Understand modern, shared security responsibility
  • Compare advanced IT security tools and technologies
  • Implement software-defined networking and micro-segmentation
  • Leverage detection and incident response (red team/blue team, etc.)
  • Implement security information and event management best practices (SIEM)
  • Deploy powerful end user/endpoint protection and perimeter defense strategies

Scanning & Penetration Testing

GreenPages’ Internal/External Network Vulnerability Testing provides a qualitative risk assessment focused on internal and external threats to the target network. Our vulnerability assessment tool assigns a risk rating to each identified issue categorized as Critical, Severe and Moderate.

We understand that automated scanning without careful analysis is of little use to most companies. Therefore, GreenPages carefully analyses and interprets the findings, identifying false positives and providing customized recommendations and reports.

GreenPages penetration testing services utilize a detailed, proven methodology which focuses on target identification, foot printing, and server and service vulnerability identification—in effect taking a “hacker’s eye view” of your infrastructure. The foundation of our approach is built on reconnaissance to gain unauthorized access to the sensitive information of employees, customers, partners, or the organization.

We offer clients Red, Blue, and Purple team options to leverage all of the tactics, techniques, and procedures of real APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) Actors to demonstrate the risk posture of your organization.

GreenPages’ security services also involve continuous testing of your organizational readiness along with periodic lessons learned and sessions designed to help your team become better prepared to thwart cyber attacks moving forward.

Hardening & Maintenance

GreenPages’ system hardening services help our clients eliminate as many possible security risks as possible. By using findings from remediation scanning and penetration tests, we can close out known vulnerabilities and reduce the attack surface as much as possible to guard against the most damaging security threats and exploits.

It’s important to remember that system hardening is not a “set it and forget it” undertaking; IT must employ ongoing security configuration management and encryption strengthening to adjust hardening policies and rules as business needs change and as new cyber threats emerge.

GreenPages’ Security Hardening & Maintenance Services ensure:

  • Your system’s security policies are accurately defined and enforced for any given job or action
  • All operating system software, firmware, and applications are patched and updates to combat possible exploits that attack flaws in underlying code.
  • Proactive operation when faced with traffic from specific geographical regions or that target specific systems
  • The hardening process runs continually, leveraging and employing as much automation as possible and monitoring privilege changes to ensure no drift from the original hardening stance

Businessman under an umbrella looking at a big padlock with circuit board and blue sky on the background

CMaaS SOC Services

All companies will be hacked. It’s not a question of if it will happen, but when. The faster you can identify and respond to an information security breach, the less impact it will have on your reputation and finances. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t have the time, money, or personnel to maintain a vigilant security stance.

GreenPages’ CMaaS Security Operations Center (SOC) Services provide you with a global team of security analysts and managed services experts to deliver powerful, compliant security protection—24/7/365.

Benefits of GreenPages SOC Services:

  • Harness global security & operation expertise—immediately. We give you access to the most up-to-date threat landscape analysis, including real-time updates for emerging threats.
  • Adapt to constant changing security and compliance needs. As the security landscape changes and advances, countermeasures are deployed across your environment to defend against emerging threats, so you can meet strict industry-specific mandates such as PCI and HIPAA, and other key state and federal compliance regulations.
  • Eliminate lapses in your security stance. With 24/7/365 threat protection you can reduce your time to respond to an incident and improve overall effectiveness; no more time wasted having your IT staff inefficiently sift through mountains of data to identify and respond to threats.
  • Operational continuity with guaranteed SLAs & SOPs.We provide clients with well-structured standard operating procedures, so your security profile is maintained and protected. You get one place for accountability and are always notified within the time specified in your SLA to ensure effective and efficient response and uninterrupted business security.

GreenPages is SOC 2 accredited to provide clients with the strictest security and confidentiality, operational rigor, and systems excellence.