In order to achieve true digital transformation, organizations need more than a strategy, they need a full management framework that can handle all digital operations initiatives—from ITOps to DataOps to DevSecOps to toolchain management to monitoring. It’s no longer “build then test,” it’s “continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous monitoring.” And IT has to be good at all of it which is a challenge for many organizations.

Digital Operations Services

We help clients create agile Digital Operations ecosystems where developers have the freedom to interact with source control systems and deploy to execution venue options such as private and public clouds. GreenPages not only helps clients create a working Digital Operations reference architecture, we actually manage the entire pipeline regardless of the platform.

That means we take responsibility for managing your technology, containerization for example, while you focus on coding. Then we take it from there—deploy it to production, monitor 24/7/365—if it breaks, we re-promote or we fix, notifying you of every action. GreenPages CMaaS Digital Operations solution is a true hybrid cloud management with end-to-end deployment automation, role-based access control, approval workflows, audit trails, compliance reports, end more.

By giving developers access to the benefits of abstraction and automation tools, without the burden of architecting and managing that stack themselves, clients can enable true digital transformation.

The focus in New World will be on microservices (fail small), and rapid deployment CI / CD (fail fast.) It’s not safe to fail fast (or at all) when the changes are complex, high-risk, and largely manual, but when we follow pipeline-based deployment and microservices, we can safely remove tollgates and monitor outcomes rather than impede change velocity.

Application Performance Monitoring

Traditional application monitoring techniques measure service delivery from the infrastructure up when the business cares about the customer experience. Approaching service delivery from an end user or customer experience is key to market success in a highly competitive online arena, but traditional monitoring techniques fail to consider the complexities of application performance, interoperability, and business data.

IT needs to clearly understand what users need and how to deliver those day-to-day requirements in order to successfully manage and monitor the organization’s application landscape. GreenPages can help you drive revenue in a crowded market through modern application performance and management approaches that analyze the end user journey at every application transaction while baselining performance to improve overall end user experience.

GreenPages also helps clients manage the complex relationship between web and mobile apps by producing flow maps that reveal interdependencies and trace key business transactions based on application behavior. In addition, we can help you troubleshoot and identify application bottlenecks or breakdowns as well as predict application behavior to head off problems before they begin. By providing you with complete visibility into your applications, we can diagnose problems and filter out “what’s normal” so you only get alerted about business-critical issues. GreenPages can also remediate any application performance issue based upon your service level agreements.

GreenPages helps your applications perform optimally no matter where they run (SaaS, on-premises, public cloud), while giving you complete control as you deploy, manage, and scale—without costly tool proliferation—to optimize end user and customer experience.