Many organizations struggle with too many management tools and IT processes that weren’t built for cloud—all spread across different environments resulting in operational headaches and no easy way to manage critical systems.

GreenPages can help you implement a centralized cloud management platform and operational framework that gives you end-to-end continuous hybrid cloud monitoring and management capabilities with the security modern organizations require.

IT Operations Transformation

Every IT organization today is embarking on cloud and digital transformation initiatives to accelerate innovation and capture market share. And no matter how far along in the journey they are, one of the key questions our clients ask, is “What changes from an IT operations perspective?” When you boil it down, just two things are changing during the shift from traditional to public cloud: tools and training.

Modern IT Operations: This looks similar to traditional; fundamentally we understand the process:

  • Lower TCO (maintenance, facilities, and management costs included)
  • Abstracted infrastructure
  • Migrating workloads to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and others
  • Multi and cross cloud

DevOps: This changes everything; no more toll gates, “fail fast”; change on the fly:

  • Application and infrastructure development integration
  • Delivery methodologies as faster and more accountable
  • Supporting tool chains as complex and evolving fast

The challenge is that the operational (and knowledge) gap between these two spaces is large, and while IT knows it needs to bridge the gap, it can be a daunting proposition. Some companies adopt a bi-modal approach which enables both areas to exercise their strengths while preserving their intrinsic value to the organization. Defined originally by Gartner, Bimodal IT is “the practice of managing two separate styles or work—one focused on predictability and the other on exploration.” 

This enables organizations to implement DevOps for modern digital projects to drive innovation through rapid experimentation, engendering more risk, bit also more reward. For areas of the business that require more stability, security, and regulatory compliance, a traditionally run modern IT operations is warranted.

Whether you’re looking for a straightforward modernization of your IT operations, or to implement DevOps approaches—or whether you want to learn how to efficiently adopt a more inclusive bi-modal framework, GreenPages can help you transform your IT Operations into a competitive advantage for your business. 

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Cloud Operations Services

Comprehensive monitoring and remediation services to ensure the best cloud experience for your organization

Operating in the cloud is not the same as managing on-premises infrastructures. Common challenges include skills gaps, lack of integration between development and IT, shadow IT, and immature operations and processes. Plus, once cloud solutions are in place and up and running, many companies fall into a risky “set it and forget it” mentality. GreenPages is a leading expert in 24x7x365 cloud operations management helping clients minimize the risk of downtime, breaches, overprovisioning, poor performance, and lack of compliance.


  • Cloud Management as a Service (CMaaS)
  • SecOps
  • AI Ops
  • Alerting
  • Policy Enforcement

Digital Operations

  • Incidents
  • Escalation
  • Remediation

Proactive Maintenance

  • Patching
  • Capacity Management
  • Provisioning
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Compliance

Help Hub

Modern Help Desks are under pressure to continue to deliver cost effective, high value support services while the pace of business increases to keep up with competition, while industry innovations in agile development DevOps, and Digital Transformation are changing the way users consume services, and how organizations need to support them.

GreenPages’ Help Hub services are the next generation of Help Desk, using knowledge management and frameworks to support end users and ensure optimum productivity.

For clients whose users require access to live body technical support via phone, email and web ticket, GreenPages provides live support from Level 1 & 2 engineers 24/7/365.

Key benefits:

  • Staffed by experienced IT professionals, hired for technical & interpersonal skills
  • 24/7/365 access—both Level I & II
  • Phone and email support for software and hardware issues
  • Secure remote support for users with virtual deskside assistance
  • Software fixes as required for support
  • Complete call ownership
  • Online call reports
  • Predictable service costs
  • Increased time to resolution, decrease call queue
  • Improve response times for highly complex issues
  • Reduce operational and technical gaps
  • Optimize speed & productivity at an attractive price point
  • Improve customer service & end user experience
  • Build a first-class knowledgebase

Hundreds of clients rely on GreenPages’ Help Hub for rapid problem resolution, improved service levels, increased user satisfaction, and predictable service costs.

This ensures that end users (no matter their location, applications, or device) are able to quickly and easily access the data and systems they need to be productive.

Cloud Optimization Services 

Run as lean as possible in the public cloud without sacrificing performance or end user experience.
When launching and maintaining an infrastructure in the cloud it's easy to lose track of which assets you have, where they are, and which are no longer necessary. In addition, the cloud has many bells and whistles—some you need, and many you may not. GreenPages’ Cloud Optimization services help you analyze features and functionality to ensure you’re using exactly what you need to run your business, while providing you with simplified reporting and custom dashboards to help with cost allocation, performance metrics, service optimization, and continuous improvement.

Cost Optimization

  • Visibility
  • Resource Commitment
  • Rightsizing

Architectural Optimization

  • Performance
  • High Availability
  • Business Continuity
  • Best Practice Benchmarking


  • Dashboards
  • Cost Center Tracking
  • Consolidated Invoicing

Simplified Billing: Assign and align VALUE of cloud costs to specific business units or organizational goals
Many cloud providers send dozens of monthly multi-page invoices that makes it a huge challenge to allocate expenses. GreenPages’ CSP Optimization Team provides you with consolidated billing and a single point of contact across the major public cloud vendors and offerings. Moreover, we can configure the reporting you need to meet your unique expense management, allocation, and cost tracking needs.