Many cloud strategies and deployments can stall due to a host of financial, technical and organizational challenges: limits on capital, insufficient IT skills, market hype and uncertainty, and the burden of managing hybrid cloud workloads and service providers.

GreenPages can help you determine which cloud services and platforms will best drive your organizational goals, as well as create strategies and cloud blueprints that align your operational readiness with your business objectives.

Reap the Benefits of Cloud Faster, More Securely, and Cost Effectively
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GreenPages' Cloud Xcelerator Program

GreenPages' Cloud Xcelerator Program helps clients across all verticals accelerate cloud adoption success within their organizations. The Program delivers a series of modular workshops, and features GreenPages’ Cloud Xcelerator Platform—a live, proprietary hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud reference architecture environment that enables companies to move to the cloud and scale quickly and securely. Read more about GreenPages' Cloud Xcelerator Program.

Application Candidacy Selection

Hybrid cloud is the IT strategy of the future with workloads placed according to their business value, functionality, and system needs. The biggest challenge however is determining which workloads are best suited for which cloud environments.

GreenPages helps clients evaluate the latency, security, control, performance, patching, accessibility, and scalability needs of each of your workloads to enable a successful hybrid cloud deployment.

Other the key considerations when evaluating applications for cloud, include migration costs with possible application redesign, the use of containers and virtual machines, longevity of application use, licensing requirements, geographical locations, and regulatory requirements.

Cloud Advisory Services

Compare your current and anticipated future spend across all available pricing models to ensure you are paying the lowest possible price based on the myriad of consumption options.

Making the decision to move to the cloud is an easy one, but the change in expense models and the sheer volume of subscription models and purchase agreements can be dizzying. To make matters worse, cloud vendors don’t make it easy for IT organizations to compare service offerings.

If you are already in the cloud, you know that it’s easy to oversubscribe, resulting in cost overruns. GreenPages’ Consumption Advisory Services help customers make sense of the various public cloud purchasing options so you can maximize cloud benefits while minimizing the expense.

Cloud Program Reviews

  • Commitments
  • True Up/True-Down
  • Billing Cadence

Cloud Pricing Reviews

  • Discounts
  • Baselines
  • Projections

Organizational Readiness

  • Advisory Services
  • Professional Services
  • Managed Services
  • Administration Services


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Cloud Technical Services

Improve your cloud infrastructure performance and mitigate risks with best practice recommendations around cost, reliability, security, and operations.

Public cloud presents a robust opportunity with a seemingly infinite number of configuration options you can tailor to meet your needs which is both an opportunity and a challenge when it comes to setting up your services. For example, it can be easy to overlook security loopholes as well as beneficial features hidden in APIs. GreenPages’ Cloud Technicians ensure you’re taking full technical advantage of cloud and that the appropriate production workloads are successfully migrated and optimized.

Cloud Modernization

Cloud Migration

  • Assessments
  • Recommendations
  • Reuse/Rebuild/Refactor
  • Implementation

Project Management

  • Priorities
  • Resources
  • Timelines
  • Budgets

Cost Optimization

“Isn’t migrating to the cloud going to save us a lot of money” Well, yes….and no. Does that mean CapEx? OpEx? LOB budget shifting? Increased revenue? Until you define exactly how you want to leverage the cloud and for what, you can’t confidently redline your spreadsheet.

Add to the fact that many modern organizations are using multiple clouds, losing track of costs are amplified—especially when providers all have their own unique pricing models and billing systems. It’s also easy and extremely common to over provision or spin up workloads and forget to take them down.

GreenPages’ cost optimization platforms and governance on consumption-based billing practices protects your cloud investment and ensures you’re only consuming the compute resources you need, when you need them.

Workload Optimization

When it comes to applications, whether they run in private or public cloud environments, modern organizations cannot afford any downtime or degradation. GreenPages helps clients ensure increased efficiency for workloads by improving density and utilization without risking application performance. We also ensure each workload is placed and scaled optimally so that the resources are available as the workload demands it in real-time.

GreenPages’ workload optimization services work with multiple hypervisors, containers, and cloud platforms to deliver resources reliably and seamlessly and ensure consistent service-level agreements.

We can also help you automate workload placement, scaling, and capacity for consistent, performance while maximizing efficiency. In addition, GreenPages’ tracking, reporting, and trending capabilities give you the equip you with the workload optimization metrics necessary to enable informed business decisions.

Day 2 Lifecycle Services

Digital era technology solutions aren’t just complex to implement, they often come with a steep operational curve that can threaten to erase the value that they were intended to achieve. For any of these strategic projects that clients engage us to design and implement, we offer Day 2 Lifecycle Services to protect your technology investments and ensure your team, tools, and processes are fully prepared to manage the solution post go-live.

GreenPages’ Day 2 Lifecycle Services include:

  • Mid-Project Readiness Assessments
  • Go-Live Operational Consulting & Coaching
  • IT Operations Management & Governance as a Service
  • CMaaS (with Build-Operate-Transfer if needed)
  • Post Go-live Health Checks (90, 180, 365 days)

When our clients entrust us to help with any multi-disciplined project, we take it seriously. Handing over the keys and leaving once a project is over without ensuring operational success is irresponsible. Our goal is your goal: long-term operational success and achieving the full value of your technology investment.