Application Modernization

GreenPages offers advanced cloud services focused on modernizing application delivery and accelerating application development through continuous delivery, integration, and deployment. Our in-house Application Development team and Cloud Application experts ensure clients receive the most cutting-edge application modernization solutions possible.

DevOps Modernization

The greatest benefit of modern development models is that they support and enable agile, continuous development, continuous deployment, and continuous release cycles.

DevOps can even accelerate organizations that already use an agile framework by extending the framework to the operation teams.

With cloud, all teams can work on different components simultaneously and can deploy “brand new” every time.

GreenPages has deep expertise in all aspects of DevOps—from AWS to Azure—to help clients release faster, deploy more often, and experiment and test without compromising production environments, and without capital expenditure.

Application Modernization Workshop

GreenPages’ Application Modernization Workshop helps clients identify the optimum cloud delivery method for any application—whether custom-built or purchased “off-the shelf.”

GreenPages’ application modernization experts help clients capture user demographics and utilization criteria for each application environment and create a plan to take you from your current deployment model, to your preferred deployment model.