CMaaS Cloud Infrastructure Operations

GreenPages’ Cloud Management as a Service platform is a groundbreaking, affordable solution that gives organizations the benefits of enterprise cloud management tools at a fraction of the cost—a huge competitive advantage.

Clients can mix and match up to four levels of Cloud Management as a Service (CMaaS) options to manage all aspects of their cloud infrastructure.

VIDEO: CMaaS Cloud Infrastructure Operations

Introducing GreenPages CMaaS Infrastructure and Operations platform. Enterprise-class management of physical, virtual, and cloud resources—through a single-pane-of-glass portal.

VIDEO: State of the Cloud Market and GreenPages’ CMaaS Offering

GreenPages CEO Ron Dupler explains state of the cloud market and GreenPages’ CMaaS offering.

CMaaS Single-Pane-of-Glass Portal

The CMaaS Portal: A single pane of glass to control every resource in your production environment—Physical, Virtual, Cloud.

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CMaaS Features & Functionality

Monitoring & Alerting; Cloud Service Provider Management; Provisioning; Remote Asset Management; Secure Timed Access; Session Recording; Patching; and more.

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Four Levels of CMaaS: Your Choice of Management Options

CMaaS is an “As a Service” offering which lets you mix and match levels to manage different aspects of your cloud infrastructure.

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Why GreenPages for CMaaS

CMaaS is a groundbreaking enterprise-class cloud management tool, but when backed by the smartest technology minds in the industry, it becomes revolutionary.

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