CMaaS Features and Functionality

    Discovery & Asset Management

    Auto-discover new devices in your networks and take the necessary steps to start monitoring and managing them.
    Discovery of devices is supported on a wide range of networks from physical to virtual to cloud. CMaaS encapsulates all your device information (interfaces, disks, CPU, BIOS)—as well as warranty details—as soon as devices are added to the managed pool.

    Remote Asset Management

    Pinpoint the exact geographical location of any of your mobile devices anywhere in the country. 
    Not only can you locate exactly where any device is, at any time, you can control the device as needed. Stolen iPhone? CMaaS enables you to wipe the phone instantly, protecting valuable corporate information.

    Secure Access

    Time-bound, role-based access can be customized for each person or department.
    It can also be used to allow outside consultants/engineers access to specific systems at set times in a secure manner without the need to manage complex VPNs.

    Session Recording Capabilities

    Pinpoint the exact origin of system issues for faster resolution and less downtime.
    CMaaS records sessions of every modification made to any system being monitored in your environment so you can see who logged in, when, from where, and view every action—by keystroke—that was made. This transparency eliminates finger pointing (within your company, with outside consultants, or with manufacturers) and allows IT administrators to perform root cause analysis much faster.
    CMaaS recording capabilities also strengthen compliance by providing a clear audit trail. Plus, all recordings are fully hosted and stored off-premise so you aren’t using up premium space in your storage environment.

    Reporting & Performance Analysis

    Physical resources don’t power business. Data and Business Intelligence power business.
    CMaaS’s library of customizable reporting templates gives you the power to create reports that CEOs and CIOs want to see—with one click. Now your high value IT team can concentrate on strategic IT initiatives, not run around retrieving data from disparate systems and compiling incongruent reports.

    Monitoring & Alerting

    CMaaS’s monitoring capabilities give you a consolidated view of all alerts across your physical, virtual, and cloud environment.
    Rather than switch between four or five different, proprietary systems—each monitoring a silo within your IT infrastructure—CMaaS aggregates the information so you only receive one alert, in one federated system, through a single pane of glass; no switching between consoles.


    Systems and technology should just work; IT should be about enabling your business, not patching.
    CMaaS lowers your OpEx costs by automatically scanning for missing patches and pushing out system and firmware updates. CMaaS patches more than just Windows; it can ensure specific applications (e.g. SQL, Exchange), other OSes (e.g. Linux), and physical devices (e.g. routers, switches, firewalls) are all up to date.


    CMaaS lets you provision and de-provision resources dynamically—anywhere you want: physically, virtually, or in the cloud.
    Need a new file server? Just drag, drop and autodeploy. CMaaS’s automated provisioning capabilities dramatically decrease deployment times and allow you to instantly scale—without ever over- or under-provisioning your resources.

    Cloud Service Provider Management

    Onboard or remove Cloud Service Providers—fast. Goodbye gray areas. Hello checks and balances.
    CMaaS enables you to keep your cloud service providers honest by arming you with detailed, real-time, accurate performance data to ensure all SLAs are being met or exceeded.