Consolidated Billing and Cloud Governance

    Consolidated Billing

    Finally, a way to show the true “Bill of IT.” Optimize IT costs as business changes occur and help IT establish a stronger partnership with the business.

    When clients have to employ a part-time person to decipher cloud service provider (CSP) bills, savings from using a CSP have evaporated. GreenPages eliminates this challenge by offering consolidated, easy-to-understand CSP billing for a common financial model of actual cloud costs across public, private and hybrid environments.

    With the GreenPages Cloud Brokerage and Governance portal, clients can view list prices; recurring fees; discounts; up charges and markups; and terms and conditions. Normally this information is very problematic to find, let alone parse.

    Whether you prefer pay as you go, or a monthly contract, GreenPages ends the common condition of cost leakage from the running CSP “water hose.”

    Visibility into exactly what is being spent on cloud services across your organization; no blind spots, no cloud sprawl.

    Cloud Governance

    Provide “Shadow IT” a safe place to innovate while empowering Lines of Business.

    Increasingly, employees and Lines of Business (LOB) within organizations are bypassing IT and ordering directly from cloud service providers to get resources they need. This is creating huge cost, IT quality, and security problems, with different business units purchasing cloud from the same provider at different price points and then charging it back to IT.

    But rather than clamp down on rogue ordering and turn IT into a roadblock, GreenPages lets clients publish configuration scenarios and provides access to specific users such as procurement managers; business users; CIOs; IT architects; R&D; sales and marketing; legal—even vendors.

    From one portal, clients can build workflows with a pre-defined approval process, enabling authorized users to create and order virtual datacenters.

    By empowering LOBs within organizations, clients realize simplified procurement processes, lower expenses, and increased productivity.