Cost Modeling and Workload Placement

    CMaaS’s predictive analytics enable you to optimize your cost, reduce risk, and “right-size” your workloads. Never under- or over-order capacity again.

    Simulate cloud adoption scenarios for infrastructure and application resources before moving them to the cloud.

    • Clearly forecast and establish demand and capacity baselines for each solution—whether for internal or external cloud service platforms.
    • Accurate “what-if” modeling capability reduces risk by showing exactly where specific application and infrastructure profiles will perform most successfully.
    • Removes the guesswork from determining the true TCO of a particular cloud solution by calculating cost vs. utilization across internal and external cloud providers—and through time—before placing any order, making it easy to justify capital and operational expenditures.

    With GreenPages’ Cloud Services Brokerage, make intelligent cloud decisions based on real-time data—not a guess upon a guess.