CMaaS Managed Backup

    GreenPages’ Managed backup takes the worry out of data protection and removes the headache of managing backup jobs and media. No more tape swapping; no more transferring media offsite.

    GreenPages’ CMaaS Managed Backup Services safeguard your critical systems and corporate data from loss through a combination of local data backup and offsite replication for fast recovery and complete system restore capabilities. Whether data loss is due to deletion, corruption, system crashes or site disasters, you can recover or rebuild with confidence.

    CMaaS Managed Backup 
    Our pre-configured backup appliance builds a complete backup dataset of your servers and deduplicates and compresses the data. The entire service is fully managed (including remediation) by GreenPages, so clients can focus on moving business forward without worrying about getting data back. Features include status reporting, plus customizable retention and archival options.

    CMaaS Managed Backup + Offsite Replication
    This service includes everything in CMaaS Managed Backup plus replication to and synchronization with our remote data facility for long-term retention and full system recovery in a disaster scenario. GreenPages manages the entire replication process and provides crash recovery services as required. .

    CMaaS Managed Backup + Cloud Recovery
    This service includes everything in CMaaS Managed Backup + Offsite replication, as well as recovery in the cloud as needed. In the event of a disaster, this enables you to turn on virtual machines from a cloud platform so you have access to the applications and data you need to run your business.

    Fully Managed End-to-End Data Protection 
    GreenPages’ CMaaS Managed Backup is not a typical backup and recovery offering: set-up, configuration, management, and administration are all included as part of the solution. This is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” service; GreenPages continuously reviews, tunes, and remediates any issues behind the scenes. This approach creates a truly unique and fully managed service that protects customer data AND provides for full data recovery assistance—whether individual files or entire systems—to the pre-loss state.

    CMaaS Managed Backup at a Glance:

    • Deduplication and compression of backup data
    • High flexibility in frequency of backup and retention cycles
    • Local data backup of your Windows, Linux, and MacOS servers & desktops
    • Offsite replication of backups
    • Support for VMware and Hyper-V platforms
    • Support for Active Directory, SQL and SharePoint
    • Microsoft Exchange brick level data recovery
    • Fully managed and monitored 7×24
    • Local business continuity to a virtual machine
    • Bare metal restore for Windows servers and desktops
    • Cloud recovery for critical systems
    • Disaster recovery connectivity enablement