Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Solve traditional IT challenges in new ways with Enterprise Cloud Solutions.

Today’s IT organizations have the ability to solve business problems with service platforms vs. customer-owned hardware and software. Enterprise cloud solutions provide organizations with an extremely compelling alternative to building, implementing, and managing traditional, customer-owned IT environments.

Cloud solutions give IT the time to focus on more innovative ways of delivering value to the business through modern technology approaches. And because GreenPages’ cloud solutions solve a wide variety of specific business challenges in targeted ways (vs. “boil the ocean” tactics) they often align nicely with internal budgeting creating strong business justification.

VMware Cloud on AWS Services

GreenPages is VMware Cloud on AWS Certified, offering a wide range of unique hybrid cloud services.

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

GreenPages offers powerful, customized Infrastructure as a Service solutions from numerous IaaS industry leaders.

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End User Computing (EUC)

GreenPages helps companies develop end user computing (EUC) strategies that provide employees the freedom to securely work on the device of their choice.

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Data Protection

As more organizations embrace advanced virtualization and software-defined models for delivering their infrastructure as a service, data protection has also become part of the shift.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

GreenPages Infrastructure Monitoring is a groundbreaking, affordable solution that gives organizations the advantage of enterprise cloud management tools at a fraction of the cost—a huge competitive advantage.

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GreenPages offers a comprehensive array of cloud security solutions.

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