Data Backup CloudBlox

    Managed, Secure, End-to-End Data Protection—All On An Affordable Monthly Subscription Basis.

    Businesses today cannot survive without key applications and data. It makes no sense to invest in the creation and collection of these valuable assets and not also invest in protecting them. But, as internal IT teams increasingly shed commodity tasks in order to concentrate on driving innovation, is dealing with backup really the best use of your time?

    For modern organizations, GreenPages’ Data Backup CloudBlox is an incredibly strategic solution that eliminates the need to manage backup jobs and media. No more tape swapping; no more transferring media offsite. Just secure, compliant cloud backup with event escalation and issue tracking.Data Backup CloudBlox

    Business Benefits

    Offsite Backup for Stronger Protection. Securely and seamlessly ensure that all your data is safe and ready for restoration when you need it while minimizing the risk of business interruption and operational downtime.

    Automation Ensures Business Continuity. Your backups automatically occur according to the schedule you establish—restored in the cloud and run on cloud servers—increasing reliability and minimizing human error.

    Event Notification, Escalation, and Management. When an event happens, GreenPages is on hand 7×24 to take your call and escalate on your behalf—performing ticket management all the way through until closure.

    Total Accountability + One Place for Support. Even when multiple vendors are involved, you get one dedicated place for coordinated support from GreenPages’ experts who understand your business, can handle the process, and deal with any situation quickly and effectively.

    Ensure Compliance & Meet Security Mandates. With GreenPages’ Data Backup CloudBlox, you can make sure you meet all federal and state backup regulations (especially crucial for healthcare, financial services, and e-commerce organizations) as well as achieve your own internal compliance goals.

    Eliminate Upfront Capital Expenditures. Reduce the costs of backup equipment and offsite datacenter charges related to space, power, and cooling. With GreenPages’ Data Backup CloudBlox, you eliminate the financial overhead and management headache of legacy, end-of-life equipment.

    Whether data loss is due to deletion, corruption, system crashes, or site disasters, you can recover or rebuild with confidence.