Disaster Recovery CloudBlox

    Confidence, Continuity, and Compliance. Ensure your data is protected, recoverable, and accessible with GreenPages’ Disaster Recovery CloudBlox.

    When it comes to Disaster Recovery, your strategy should be “trust…but verify.” Gartner says that 30% of restore operations fail due to untested infrastructure. Many organizations believe they’re protected, but don’t actually know that their DRaaS infrastructure is properly functional. They simply haven’t tested it to prove what they believe.

    Don’t operate your business on “probably”…give your business the protection it needs, secure in the confidence that comes from knowing your data is recoverable and accessible—all through an affordable, secure, easy-to-consume monthly service.

    Disaster Recovery CloudBlox

    Business Benefits

    Protection beyond tornadoes. User error is a much more common cause for a DR failover than natural disasters. As soon as one internal user (or administrator) crashes a critical application (downloads a virus, drops a database table, or unplugs the wrong device in your network), you must be able to implement a rapid recovery strategy. So prepare as if you will be breached and make sure your restore plan can handle all contingencies.

    Your DR solution scoped, sized, implemented—fast. A traditional approach to DR can take up to six months with professional services that require complex change requests and control. With GreenPages Disaster Recovery CloudBlox, you can be up and functioning within days.

    Support from DR and Operations experts. GreenPages Disaster Recovery CloudBlox gives clients effective, efficient and proactive response service from Level 1 engineering professionals trained in Disaster Recovery technologies and who understand the unique needs of your business.

    Protect Tier 1 mission critical applications. You don’t need to DRaaS everything; smart organizations right-size a data recovery strategy based on criticality. For example, create a DRaaS plan for core Tier 1 applications while simply backing up Tier 2 and 3 applications.

    Ensure compliance & meet DR mandates. Meet federal and state disaster recovery regulations or achieve your own internal compliance goals. GreenPages’ Disaster Recovery CloudBlox is PCI DSS 3.0 compliant, AICPA SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO/IEC 27001, plus Cloud Security Alliance Security Trust and Assurance Registry (CSA STAR) certified.

    Easily on-ramp to cloud & achieve economies of scale. Do you really need two of your own data centers? With a powerful, shared geo-redundant data center model, you get security without the financial overhead and management headache of legacy, end-of-life equipment.

    Implement enterprise-grade DR at an affordable price. DR used to be expensive and complex but no longer. GreenPages’ Disaster Recovery CloudBlox model lets you pay based on capacity needed during testing time or in the event of a real disaster scenario.

    Transform your IT Organization into an innovation center. You must have a Disaster Recovery strategy, but is maintaining it really the best use of your time? Wouldn’t you rather have your IT professionals delivering high value initiatives for your organization instead of implementing and maintaining your DR infrastructure?