Network Threat Defense CloudBlox

    Global intelligence and unwavering vigilance to protect your business against real-time security threats. Identify faster, protect immediately. No gaps.

    All companies will be hacked. It’s not a question of if it will happen, but when. The faster you can identify and respond to an information security breach, the less impact it will have on your reputation and finances. Unfortunately most organizations don’t have the time, money, or personnel to maintain a vigilant security stance.

    GreenPages’ Network Threat Defense CloudBlox combines Dell SecureWorks’ advanced Counter Threat Platform with a global team of security analysts and managed services experts to deliver powerful, compliant security protection—24x7x365.

    SOC + NOC = Double the Network Threat Defense Advantage

    • Dell SecureWorks Security Operations Center—real-time, security event analysis and response across your security and critical infrastructure. The SOC intelligently monitors for threats with a multi-tenant, distributed architecture and in-depth analysis of emerg­ing threats and zero-day vulnerabilities. The SOC’s countermeasures recommend vulnerability patches to combat the latest attacker feeds and rising threat actors.
    • GreenPages’ Network Operations Center—provides you with enterprise-class 24x7x365 operations management to ensure your firewall is healthy, fully operational, up to date, and optimized to provide the most powerful network threat defense for your business. GreenPages’ NOC gives you up-to-the minute device information and the ability to escalate any issues via phone, web ticket, or email.
    Threat Defense CloudBlox

    Business Benefits

    Harness global security & operation expertise—immediately. GreenPages’ Threat Defense CloudBlox gives IT access to the most up-to-date threat landscape analysis, including real-time updates for emerging threats. GreenPages handles all implementation and migration services to ensure a seamless process.

    Adapt to constant changing security and compliance needs. As the security landscape changes and advances, countermeasures are deployed across your environment to defend against emerging threats. The CloudBlox also enables you to meet strict industry-specific mandates such as PCI and HIPAA, and other key state and federal compliance regulations.

    Eliminate lapses in your security stance. With 24x7x365 threat protection you can reduce your time to respond to an incident and improve overall effectiveness; no more time wasted having your IT staff inefficiently sift through mountains of data to identify and respond to threats.

    Operational continuity with guaranteed SLAs & SOPs

    We provide clients with well-structured standard operating procedures so your security profile is maintained and protected. You get one place for accountability and are always notified within the time specified in your SLA to ensure effective and efficient response and uninterrupted business security.

    Threat mitigation should be left to network and information security experts who work on threat defense every day.