Productivity & Collaboration CloudBlox

    Mobile, Simple, Secure. Business Is Better with GreenPages + Microsoft O365

    In today’s cloud era, mobility is king and security is a must. In a recent survey* of 1,000 American workers, 93% said access to technology that allows them to work anywhere makes them more productive and successful, with 89% saying it made them more committed to their job, 83% saying it made them more collaborative, and 79% stating it made them more focused. (*Harris Interactive Research)

    Give your users access to the data, applications, and support they need to work when and how they want—all in an affordable, secure, easy-to-consume monthly service. With GreenPages’ Productivity and Collaboration CloudBlox, you really can just turn mobility on.

    Productivity & Collaboration

    Business Benefits

    Engage more purposefully with customers and stakeholders.

    Office 365 provides simple, secure access to essential data from any web browser letting you sync and share business documents with co-workers, customers, and partners and work on projects while maintaining version control. Give your users enhanced access to information—all without need of a virtual private network tunnel.

    Deliver the power of Office 365 and Azure to flexibly meet modern business needs.

    GreenPages’ Productivity & Collaboration CloudBlox enables IT to harness the agility of cloud—immediately. And because the solution is based on a cloud consumption model, you can scale up and down as needed, using only what you need and not paying for what you don’t.

    Transform your IT organization into an innovation center.

    Wouldn’t you rather have your IT professionals delivering high value initiatives for your organization instead of remediating and maintaining aging technology? Imagine the services you could provide to your business if you were suddenly free to innovate instead of mediate.

    Make more strategic financial decisions to maximize your IT investments.

    Is spending daily time managing the upkeep of your on-prem email systems and servers the best use of your resources and your budget? Exchange Admins cost money. Maintenance costs are higher when you own the technology. Not to mention steep upgrade costs every few years. Why not put your capital toward initiatives that provide more strategic value for your business?

    Ensure business continuity for uninterrupted access to critical Microsoft applications.

    Consider the business impact of downtime and server capacity issues with an on-prem solution. GreenPages’ Productivity & Collaboration CloudBlox is geographically redundant to ensure your email and fileservers are always available. You get one place for accountability, with one SLA, for uninterrupted business continuity.

    Protect your business IP and your corporate data.

    With GreenPages’ cloud-based Productivity & Collaboration CloudBlox, your crucial corporate data is automatically backed up offsite with secure replication across multiple regions. No need to worry about redundancy every time there is a component failure.

    The world is your office. Empower your users to access the business applications they need to be productive—easily and securely.