Virtual Desktops & Applications CloudBlox

    Increase business agility and efficiency. Give users secure, flexible access to corporate applications. Free your IT team to work on more strategic business initiatives.

    Applications are the lifeblood of every business but delivering them via traditional desktops involves time-consuming management and complicated deployment: multiple operating systems, different manufacturers, diverse applications, and constant patching. And with almost 40% of American workers now telecommuting* and the proliferation of BYO devices, uninterrupted application accessibility is paramount.

    Why not give your users seamless access to crucial corporate applications from PCs, laptops, phones, and tablets AND reap the benefits of scalability, security, and easy management.

    Virtual Desktops & Applications

    Business Benefits

    Scale up or down as business needs dictate.

    Experiencing accelerated growth? Need to deploy extra desktops at peak or seasonable times? New M&A activity or branch office openings? GreenPages’ Virtual Desktops & Applications CloudBlox  gives your business the extreme agility necessary to compete in the  modern cloud era.

    Transform your IT organization into an innovation center.

    Wouldn’t you rather have your IT professionals delivering high value initiatives for your organization instead of remediating and maintaining aging desktop technology? Imagine the services you could provide to your business if you were suddenly free to innovate instead of mediate.

    Maximize your IT investments with more predictable service costs.

    Is paying steep hardware costs a smart use of your capital? Why not forego upfront capital desktop and peripheral expenses and pay an easy monthly subscription per desktop? It doesn’t make smart financial sense to over-purchase “just in case.”

    Fast and easy deployment for new hires.

    Give new employees personalized laptops or pcs (persistent and non-persistent) with all the applications they need in just 10 seconds and 5 clicks. Easily set user permissions and deploy and decommission quickly for contractors and temporary workers.

    Minimize security risk around data loss.

    GreenPages provides your organization with a high level of security by handling all antivirus management and patching behind the scenes. This ensures your data is always safe and your applications and operating systems are always up to date.