CloudLogic Framework

    It’s clear that commodity cloud services are certainly part of running a modern business, but they are in no way the whole answer. You simply can’t buy an all-inclusive “business as a service” solution from cloud vendors. But when you leverage GreenPages’ CloudLogic Frame­work, you can seamlessly plug in all of your business as a service point solutions, giving you the ability and advantage of operating a powerful business as a service platform.

    GreenPages’ proven framework of business-outcome focused solutions deliver all the core services you need to run your business. We integrate, we support, and we manage; we do it so you can focus on more strategic priorities.

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    Vetted & Proven Reference Architectures

    GreenPages has already vetted the cloud market leaders. We’ve sifted through the tech, the trends, and the hype. We know which companies are strong, which technologies are powerful, and which solutions are economically viable to ensure maximum velocity in your environment.

    Expert Design & Migration Strategies

    GreenPages has performed the strategic integration work necessary to create a repeatable, tested framework that provides you with quality, enterprise-ready business solutions. We are not inventing on the fly. You get the business experience, technical talent, and combined IP of our smartest people—out of the gate.

    Configurable to Your Environment

    GreenPages’ technologists can configure any cloud solution to each client’s unique environment. That means you get all the benefits of a proven framework and vetted reference architectures, while making sure each solution is optimized to meet your organization’s specific technical needs and business goals.

    Predictable Costs & Quick to Ramp

    GreenPages’ CloudBlox Solutions are quick to implement and effortlessly elastic for extreme agility. You get the highest quality results with an extremely rapid time-to-value ratio. And because each solution is easily consumed on an as-a-service basis, your costs are lower and your risk is minimized.

    Fully Supported & Maintained

    Every GreenPages CloudBlox Solution is supported and maintained by our Managed Services team—experts at managing disparate data across physical, virtual, and cloud platforms. Our delivery model is extraordinarily mature and forged from 20+ years of managing the most efficient people, platform, and processes in the industry.

    Accountability & Guaranteed SLAs

    We guarantee SLAs for platform responsiveness to ensure successful business outcomes and Quality of Service (QoS). You can’t restore your desktop if the data isn’t available or if records got dropped at integration. We created our framework, we stand behind it 100%, and we’re here for you 24×7.

    Secure & Compliant

    GreenPages has achieved SOC 2 attestation to deliver the strictest security and confidentiality controls to our clients. It’s a testament to our commitment to operational excellence and transparency around our internal policies—crucial to successfully running modern hybrid cloud environments.