Data Protection

    As more organizations embrace advanced virtualization and software-defined models for delivering their infrastructure as a service, data protection has also become part of the shift. Solutions such as GreenPages’ Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS) and Offsite Cloud Archiving enable organizations to protect all their most valuable assets from catastrophic loss—including applications, databases, operating systems, and physical and virtual servers.

    Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

    Disaster Recovery solutions protect your business-critical applications and data assets from unexpected loss and enable companies to meet stringent disaster recovery compliance requirements whether driven by vertical industry mandates or self-imposed.

    Disaster Recovery used to be a cost-prohibitive, “nice to have” solution for IT organizations, but new advances in technology make Disaster Recovery solutions exponentially more affordable. With DRaaS, organizations benefit from a predictable monthly operational costs vs. larger upfront capital expenditures.

    What’s more, DRaaS solutions can scale up or down to protect infrastructure and applications according to the needs of your business.

    Interested in a fully managed DRaaS solution? GreenPages’ CMaaS DRaaS is a unique affordable, enterprise-class solution that protects your data from catastrophic loss without the management overhead.

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    Offsite Cloud Archiving

    With GreenPages’ Offsite Cloud Archiving solutions, clients get the benefits of enhanced business continuity (backups can be restored in the cloud and run as cloud servers) and the non-stop service and continuous protection of a fully redundant system.

    GreenPages’ Offsite Cloud Archiving solutions are seamless and enable the most risk-averse organizations (such as healthcare, financial services, and e-commerce companies) to meet strict compliance and security mandates, as well as reduce the capital cost of backup equipment and the resources required for onsite, manual backup.