End User Computing (EUC)

    Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

    Many organizations are looking for ways to achieve the benefits of desktop virtualization without the need to install and maintain equipment or make capital investments. GreenPages offers Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions to provide clients with secure, complete virtual desktops in an easily managed, unified cloud service.

    GreenPages’ DaaS solutions provide client end users with the powerful, secure, anytime access to systems they need to perform at a high a level. Because the underlying foundational infrastructure and software components (desktop brokers, security servers, provisioning engines, etc.) are handled by the provider, Desktop as a Service solutions alleviate time-consuming administrative and management tasks enabling IT to focus on more strategic business initiatives.

    GreenPages’ DaaS solutions are fully integrated with your corporate infrastructure, enabling users to access crucial applications, systems, and data using any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) from any location.

    Office 365

    GreenPages’ Office 365 solutions give clients new ways to consume Microsoft Office tools and help people collaborate, improve productivity, and gain valuable insights into their business. As a cloud solution, Office 365 enables instant access, editing, and sharing of documents, with new features and patches rolled out automatically, all for an easy monthly cost and reliable service agreements.

    GreenPages helps clients deploy and manage Office 365 across their organizations faster than a traditional on-prem solution so clients can deliver the seamless, real-time resources business expects, faster, more affordably, and without the administrative overhead.