Infrastructure Monitoring

    For modern IT organizations, IT Infrastructure Monitoring is a time consuming but necessary part of daily IT operations. Traditionally, IT professionals switch back and forth between different management consoles, reactively troubleshooting alerts, and compiling disparate analytics from numerous IT silos.

    With GreenPages’ Cloud Management as a Service (CMaaS) Infrastructure Operations solution, IT now has the ability to monitor and remediate their entire infrastructure from one federated system through a singular view across physical, virtual, and public cloud workloads.

    GreenPages’ CMaaS is a groundbreaking, affordable solution that gives organizations the advantage of enterprise cloud management tools at a fraction of the cost—a huge competitive advantage.

    Interested in a fully managed Infrastructure Monitoring service? GreenPages’ CMaaS Infrastructure Operations is a unique affordable cloud management solution that seamlessly monitors, manages, and remediates your entire environment for you: from physical to virtual to cloud.

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