Get Started with Cloud

The move to hybrid cloud computing environments—public, private, and community—creates new opportunities along with many challenges for both IT executives and administrators alike:

  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DRaaS, DaaS—which offerings are ready for prime time?
  • No way to know whether or not cloud projects are providing benefits
  • Pressure to “move to the cloud” and take advantage of emerging technology, all while keeping the lights on
  • Demand from business units for service catalogs full of relevant items
  • Pressure from developers to rapidly provision infrastructure
  • Many different cloud providers to partner with; which one is the right one for your organization?
  • No unified single-pane-of-glass infrastructure visibility
  • Difficulty meeting stringent SLA goals and no runbook automation
  • LOBs going around IT to public cloud providers resulting in high costs and security risk

GreenPages offers multiple ways to get started with XaaS and cloud technologies, working directly with our cloud experts to successfully implement the “best fit” cloud solutions with measurable benefits for both IT and the business as a whole.

Cloud Workshop

GreenPages’ Cloud Workshop is an opportunity for your IT Team to learn how to build and manage a more unified, cost-effective, and scalable hybrid cloud environment.

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Cloud Action Plan

As part of GreenPages’ Cloud Action plan, we use various tools to analyze the cloud delivery models in regards to cost, infrastructure, performance, availability, security, compliance and regulatory concerns.

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Why GreenPages for Cloud

GreenPages’ long track record of experience and proven expertise gives us unique visibility into the numerous technologies offered by leading cloud vendors.

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