Cloud Workshop

    GreenPages’ Cloud Workshop is an opportunity for your IT Team to learn how to build and manage a more unified, cost-effective, and scalable hybrid cloud environment, and explore how other companies are transforming their organizations by enabling hybrid cloud.

    Geared toward IT Executives and their teams, you’ll learn how to:

    • Get started quickly with hybrid cloud; create an effective strategy to plan, build, run, and govern hybrid cloud environments
    • Determine the best way to leverage automation and integration with existing systems
    • Improve and scale IT operations management with the right people in the right places
    • Learn how to build a service catalog that is relevant for your internal customers
    • See how an existing application can be provisioned in a hybrid environment
    • Get control of key areas such as resource management, security, and resiliency
    • Understand the magnitude of Shadow IT and the business motivations for its adoption
    • Empower your LOBs by acting as a service provider to the business, rather than a roadblock

    Cloud Workshop: Benefits at-a-Glance

    • Education: a clear understanding of the impacts of designing and managing a cloud infrastructure—people, process, and technology—that are explicitly relevant to you and your organization.
    • Consensus: a dedicated forum for you and your team to hear and understand crucial cloud concepts, facilitated by an expert in cloud infrastructure design and management.
    • Documented Strategy: a high level strategy based on your requirements and vision of your future utilization of a cloud infrastructure.