Why GreenPages for Cloud

    GreenPages’ 20+ year track record of proven experience gives us unique visibility into the numerous technologies offered by leading cloud vendors, the capability to vet each offering, and the ability to integrate them into new, cohesive cloud solutions that are technically reliable and powerfully innovative.

    GreenPages is proud to offer clients unparalleled cloud expertise, capabilities across both traditional IT and modern cloud-era environments, and intense organizational focus on providing clarity and helping design, implement, and manage modern IT frameworks to enable business agility and innovation.

    GreenPages understands cloud—in all its different variations:

    • Cloud as Infrastructure. Cloud is not a one-size-fits all proposition and IaaS providers all have different models, strengths, and weaknesses. Because we partner with and have vetted multiple and industry leading IaaS providers, GreenPages helps ensure that the right resources are matched to the right providers across multiple environments. We help clients source, provision, and manage the optimal IaaS solution as an alternative to customer-owned environments.
    • Cloud as Dev Ops Enabler. GreenPages helps Dev Ops with new methods for developing applications by combining traditional development and operations tasks with cloud solutions, enabling faster, higher quality, and more frequent software releases. This also gives developers the freedom to experiment and test in the cloud, without compromising production environments, and without capital expenditure.
    • Cloud as a Substitute. Enterprise services delivered from the cloud (XaaS) enable commodity services or IT functions to be sourced to a cloud vendor. For example, email, data archiving, disaster recovery, and even anti-spam services can be sourced from cloud vendors and consumed though a subscription, often without capital expense.
    • Cloud as a Management Paradigm. One of the biggest barriers organizations face when moving to cloud environments is management.  For every cloud solution GreenPages provides, we ensure clients have the appropriate management strategy in place, no matter the approach (self-service, infinite capacity, pay-as-you-go) to minimize risk and ensure success.

    In addition, GreenPages’ proven engagement model and focus on exceptional customer service, from strategy and planning through ongoing management, offers clients the most constructive, rapid, and effective cloud journey experience possible.