About GreenPages

GreenPages is a nationally recognized Managed Services Provider (MSP) focused on cloud, cybersecurity, and digital enablement. It is uniquely positioned with extensive technology expertise to assess, modernize, and manage client environments and drive business outcomes that enable clients to compete successfully in the digitally driven economy.

There’ve been many major transitions in the IT industry over the years resulting in a great amount of confusion (and much inertia) as IT struggles to determine the best way forward. Do I build a software-defined data center, a private cloud, or move workloads into public clouds? Which providers should I choose? What about security? How will I effectively manage it all?

In business since 1992, GreenPages’ mission throughout each IT shift has been to provide clarity and strategy to clients within a disruptive and rapidly changing industry. Whether clients adapt to the disruption or seize the opportunity to become disruptors themselves, GreenPages helps them achieve the IT agility necessary to become innovators for their business.

Why Clients Choose GreenPages

Strong Customer Centricity

  • Highly referenceable customer base
  • 20+ years solving for customers’ technology and infrastructure requirements
  • Valued advisor, trust, transparency & responsiveness commonly cited attributes. (GP Customer Survey, December 2020)

Technology Breadth

  • Wide breadth with focus on Security, Cloud & Digital
  • Security is Job 1: Assessment, Roadmap, Technology, Implementation
  • Every day we move organizations to the cloud securely

Services Breadth

  • Strategy, Architecture, Integration, Management
  • Managed Services
  • Focus on driving business outcomes

Expertise out of the chute: We walk in with talent other companies simply can’t duplicate.

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Fun Fact: How Did GreenPages Get Its Name?

In 1992, GreenPages’ founders created a company to revolutionize not only what IT-related products businesses purchased, but how they purchased them. Realizing that one of the biggest challenges companies faced was the inability to accurately source and procure technology products quickly. The answer was GreenPages’ virtual warehouse model—a pioneering idea at the time that drastically improved the process for thousands of companies across the U.S.

When searching for a name, the founders wanted something more unique than the ubiquitous “tech” moniker—a name that reflected the company's mission to be a comprehensive, highly available, knowledgeable, easy-to-use resource. Before the Internet, one of the most valuable tools that every single business used daily was the Yellow Pages. So with the color yellow changed to green to convey positive concepts such as a healthy environment, natural success, freshness, honesty, and organic simplicity—the name GreenPages was born.

To this day, GreenPages remains an expert resource to clients helping them strategize, architect, integrate, and manage digital-era technologies and approaches in innovative ways to drive business value.