A secure and resilient IT infrastructure is often ranked at the top of most CIO, CISO, and other IT decision makers' priority lists.

    But building IT resilience demands a comprehensive but agile cybersecurity strategy. Organizations wanting IT resilience against cyberattacks must:
    • Secure digital assets and data in multi-cloud environments
    • Protect data on a sprawling number of devices across a hybrid workforce
    • Provide deep visibility into the IT environment needed for rapid response to threats

    How can IT leaders meet these stringent requirements with an already-overworked IT staff and without affecting employee productivity?

    GreenPages helps IT leaders build resilience for all their systems and users with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. For over 30 years, GreenPages has worked with organizations to build customized vendor-neutral IT solutions with a focus on security and productivity. GreenPages delivers cybersecurity as a service, built on world-class technologies, and backed by our proven processes and expert consulting and support talent.  

    Integrated and flexible cybersecurity solutions  

    GreenPages offers Cybersecurity bundles with tiered options to match your desired business outcomes and budget. We offer different combinations of endpoint protection, immutable backups, and full 24/7 managed detection and response services. GreenPages Cybersecurity bundles are not "cookie cutter" products—empowering you to move between tiers to scale as your business needs change. 

    Choose your GreenPages Cybersecurity bundle:  

    GreenPages Cybersecurity bundles are built for IT environments based on premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both. In addition, GreenPages solution architects work with you to develop zero-trust security plans that protect user data and devices without compromising your organization’s productivity. Our managed cybersecurity solutions integrate seamlessly with your IT environment and our security experts become a trusted partner in protecting your organization and your customers.