Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine. --Gartner

The vast amounts and varied sources of data that companies have access to today give them an opportunity to understand their customers and prospects far better than ever before. Knowing who bought what, when, and for how much is no longer enough when the data can tell you WHY. This is an opportunity that cannot be ignored.

GreenPages' Data & Analytics Services Practice helps businesses transform their traditional data management and analytics environments to next generation platforms offered by Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Our experts guide you through the rapidly evolving ecosystem of services and help you apply them optimally based on your business objectives and functional requirements. We provide education and consulting services with the goal of creating comprehensive solutions that cover not only platform and technology aspects, but also business processes and staffing considerations.

Our team helps you identify and prioritize the appropriate use cases, suggests and selects best-fit tools and services from the ever-expanding universe of options, and designs and builds data management and analytics environments that meet your particular requirements. GreenPages' consulting services engagements follow a methodology that mitigates implementation risks and reduces time to market. Our engagement framework breaks down into the following phases: Envision, Design, Build, Launch and Optimize.

Database Modernization

AWS and Azure offer database environments in both commercial (e.g. Oracle and SQL Server) and open-source (e.g. MySQL and PostgreSQL) flavors. This latter option can yield a savings of up to 90% on your license costs.

Furthermore, both AWS and Azure give you the flexibility to choose a database technology that is purpose-built for the application it serves. So you’re not limited to Relational Databases. Alternatives such as Key-Value, Wide Column, Document, Time Series, Graph or Distributed Ledger databases may be much better suited to the particular application or service you’re building. 

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Data Warehouse Modernization

By migrating to a next-generation, managed data warehouse environment such as AWS Redshift, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Snowflake or Actian Avalanche, companies can realize dramatic performance improvements on even their most complex analytical workloads. The faster performance delivered by each of these environments is largely due to their use of columnar storage and massively parallel processing (MPP) which traditional data warehouse environments like Oracle and SQL Server do not offer. At the same time, companies can significantly reduce the administrative overhead of managing these environments for themselves by taking advantage of the availability, redundancy, and elasticity that is native to AWS and Azure.

Machine Learning & AI

Companies have moved from descriptive analytics to predictive analytics; from looking back at past performance to looking forward at future predictions and probable outcomes. Moving beyond predictive analytics, companies are now developing prescriptive analytics; from predicting what will happen to acting on it in real time. This involves letting computers make decisions for us (AI), based on their self-generated knowledge (ML), and at machine speeds rather than human speeds. Read more about GreenPages' Machine Learning & AI services.

Data & Analytics Workshops

These engaging, interactive workshops help your business kick-start or accelerate a data analytics initiative focusing on business outcomes. The workshops help you better understand and navigate the rapidly changing technology ecosystem. We review and demo some of the industry-leading architectures and products available to identify the technologies that best meet your use case requirements. The workshops are comprised of a full or half day of classroom-style education for both IT and Business stakeholders.

Envision Consulting Engagements

Our Envision engagements drive an analytics initiative holistically from beginning to end. From defining a use case to mapping business requirements to design and implementation of the entire solution that will drive the business outcomes, our experts apply our proven world-class agile consulting methodology for quick time to value.

Application Development

For Modernization: Whether you need to lower the cost and complexity of your data management environment or introduce new and advanced capabilities to your analytics environment, GreenPages specializes in application modernization leveraging AWS RDS, Aurora and Redshift or Azure SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse for data-driven applications. We identify the applications or workloads best suited for modern architectures, and provide the design, development and migration expertise needed to implement them.

For Transformation: As rich, new sources of data become available, along with robust, new technologies for storing and processing that data, companies must adapt and transform to seize the opportunities these present. Whether it’s Big Data for deeper analytics, streaming data for real-time decision-making, or sensor data for IoT systems, GreenPages can help you stay ahead of your competition.