The ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity is the ultimate predictor of market success in the digital era. However, the two key groups responsible for this mandate—developers and operations—often have a strained relationship.

Developers rely on operations to give them the necessary infrastructure to code and produce revenue for the business. The traditional mandate for operations is infrastructure security and health, with speed often a secondary concern. This can result in long deployment times and developers going around operations to more quickly get the resources they need which can jeopardize security, quality, and cost.

GreenPages helps companies implement DevOps approaches to unite these two teams, enabling collaboration throughout the entire service lifecycle, from design through development to support, and ultimately improving product and service quality while increasing release speed.

Application Blueprinting

The ability to deploy applications quickly and often is crucial for business success. The value of application blueprints is that administrators can configure, deploy, manage, and secure applications in cloud environments without a detailed understanding of the underlying datacenter or application infrastructure.

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GreenPages helps clients through the application blueprint process of decoupling the application from the infrastructure, analyzing dependencies, and building standards and processes for the application and its artifacts. Our application blueprinting services help organizations decrease error rates between builds and enable accelerated and seamless application deployment.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

With a powerful Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) approach, organizations can shorten production time, improve quality, and lower the overall cost of software development.

GreenPages helps clients implement strategic SDLC models and determine which approach is best depending on your business needs. Whether you employ a Spiral, Waterfall or Agile approach, we work with clients throughout the entire lifecycle—planning, designing, building, testing, and deployment. Organizations that employ SDLC models greatly improve the efficiency and management of the entire development process, while driving organizational innovation.

Design Patterns

GreenPages helps organizations create design patterns to accelerate and simplify the software development process. Because design patterns are by definition cohesive, consistent, and re-usable, developers can work more efficiently by relying on patterns that have already been proven. Design patterns also enable more effective software and system maintenance which increases quality control and streamlines problem solving.

Microservices & Containers

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  • Microservices: The meteoric rise in the use of microservices has enabled organizations to achieve extreme organizational agility and implement DevOps approaches with great success. Rather than re-deploy a massive application every time a new service is added or a component is modified, developers can roll out features independently of each other since each microservice is self-contained. GreenPages helps clients create plans to take advantage of micro-service architectures to save developer and operations teams valuable resources and time and increase agility for the business.
  • Containers: GreenPages helps clients deploy container technology to enable the portability, automation, and scalability of microservices. Because containers act as packages for each microservice and can be built or taken down based on demand, automation is extremely important for rapid provisioning.

We help clients understand the wide range of container toolsets in the marketplace, and where containers interact and intersect with virtualization approaches so organizations can choose the best solution to meet their specific business needs.

Infrastructure as Code & Self-Service

  • Infrastructure as Code: While cloud computing has greatly streamlined the business of spinning up infrastructure and servers, there is still a manual process for configuring cloud infrastructure. However, any time a task is performed manually, you introduce the chance of human error and inconsistency. GreenPages helps clients implement infrastructure as code approaches to enable quick, consistent configuration and deployment. By using source code that treats your networks, servers, and other infrastructure as software, you eliminate configuration risk.
  • Self-service: Self-service software allows organizations to support customers and end users with automated technical answers to queries or with general customer service via a variety of platforms. Self-service software automatically executes processes, for example onboarding new employees or creating workflows specific to certain groups of users or customers. GreenPages helps clients plan, build and deploy self-service systems that streamline processes, increase response times, and improve efficiency without the need to manually configure or physically address queries.

CICD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment)

Nearly half (47%) of respondents strongly agreed that practicing continuous integration accelerates the development process. However, choosing the right technology to integrate with other tools in their tech stack was cited as their biggest challenge.

GitLab Developer Survey 2018

There are hundreds of CICD tools in the market, with new technologies being added constantly. It’s impossible for organizations to understand the benefits of each one. GreenPages helps clients sift through the noise and choose the best CICD tools that provide operational flexibility, quicker implementation, and agile troubleshooting so that they can focus on driving innovation for their business.

DevOps Day2 Services

GreenPages’ Day 2 Services are designed to ensure our clients can maximize the value and eliminate the operational risk of solutions we deploy for them by assessing their ability to support those systems post go-live.

In the case of DevOps, clients face a myriad of new technologies, processes, governance paradigm shifts, and workforce retooling which can be overwhelming to manage. GreenPages’ Day 2 Services for DevOps enables our clients to take full advantage of DevOps in their organizations and drive business value by ensuring operational readiness, eliminating skills gaps, implementing standards, and recommending best practices.