Events and Webinars

Webinar: Begin Your Digital Journey - Sound Strategy Starts with the Right Data and Goals

Listen to our panel of experts explain how to gain the visibility necessary to kickstart a successful digital transformation program. In this webinar, you'll learn how to effectively baseline your current state and preparedness; change your infrastructure, tools, and embrace a cloud model; and modify business processes and organizational cultureRead more »

Webinar: Blueprint for Hybrid Cloud Success: Use Cases You Can Apply Now

Almost 100% of our clients are in the process of migrating to public cloud...HOWEVER the vast majority have encountered a range of challenges which are stalling and impeding this strategic initiative. Why? Join our Cloud Ops experts, to learn about the key strategies to plan, optimize, and govern your public and hybrid clouds…. Read more »

Webinar: Security Best Practices for Modern Mobile Workloads

Security OF the Cloud is not the same as Security IN the Cloud. Hear from our panel of experts on best practices for securing mobile workloads and data, regardless of platform, plus learn how to right-size a cloud security strategy based on your overall security framework. Read more »

Cyber Security for Modern IT

Every aspect of IT is currently under transformation. Hybrid cloud. Digital disruption. DevOps. AI. IoT. Ubiquitous connectivity. Mobility. Your execution venues are diverse and sprawling, and your attack surface is now massive (and likely more porous than you know.) And, with more digital assets than ever before spread across myriad environments–the likelihood of a cyber attack increases exponentially...Read more »

Webinar: AWS or Azure? How to Move from Analysis Paralysis Toward a Smart Cloud Choice

AWS, Azure…Azure, AWS…Google Air (really?). Join us for an honest, back and forth discussion between our Amazon expert and our Microsoft expert to explore the technical and business values of each platform. Date: Feb 28th Time: 11:00 AM ET Register Now! As most IT professionals know, choosing between these dynamic cloud entities can be overwhelming…. Read more »

Webinar: How Cloud Is Killing Traditional Help Desk

The focus of the IT industry in the Cloud Era has been on 4 of the 5 “Ws”: WHY cloud, WHAT platform, WHERE to put workloads, WHEN to deploy. But what about the other “W”: WHO? In this on-demand webinar, we switch perspective and think about support from the point of view of the user… Read more »

DevOps + ITOM for Secure & Compliant Hybrid Cloud Ops

Modern business requires agility, innovation, and thought leadership at speeds that turn traditional development, test, and release cycles into roadblocks, resulting in aggressive adoption of DevOps either formally or informally with Bi Modal IT. While DevOps is releasing workloads outside of IT’s peripheral vision and injecting security and compliance risk to the business, IT is… Read more »

VMware NSX vs. Cisco ACI: When to Use Each, When to Use Both.

VMware NSX vs. Cisco ACI: When to Use Each, When to Use Both. It can be argued that software-defined networking is the hottest topic in IT today. In fact, IDC Research predicts the SDN market to reach $8 billion in revenue by 2018. The many benefits of SDN—extreme business and operational agility for example—has smart… Read more »

Buzz from VMworld 2016: Key U.S. & Europe Announcements

Weren’t able to make it to VMworld? Want the inside scoop on all the hype? Listen to GreenPages’ CTO, Chris Ward, for his analysis and opinion on the key announcements from the Las Vegas and Barcelona events. He provides a deep dive into VMware’s product roadmap and its overall strategy acknowledging that AWS, Azure, and… Read more »

Webinar: 20 Critical Security Controls Every Modern Company Should Have

Do you feel as if security touches everything in your organization and you can’t quite get your arms around it Do you wish there were a checklist to ensure you’ve considered all angles and options? Wouldn’t it be nice to have metrics to compare against for context? We’ll review 20 Critical Security Controls and what… Read more »

The Hyper-Converged Landscape: What's New, What's Hot, What's Possible

Join GreenPages’ Principal Architect Randy Weis for an overview of the hottest hyper-converged technologies on the market today. From market leaders to intriguing niche players, you will learn what is achievable with hyper-converged versus traditional 3-tier infrastructures. The webinar also explores some of the most interesting features and options being offered by Nutanix, SimpliVity, Cisco, HP… Read more »

Microsoft Cloud: Can You Really Afford to Fail?

In its simplest form, The Microsoft Cloud is like a puzzle. Once you get an edge started you can build it out from there. But you need the picture on the box to understand the whole structure. In this special Microsoft Cloud webinar, we help you complete the first corner, then the remaining corners, and then… Read more »

IT Execs on Moving to Managed Services

Listen to two IT executives from two very different industries—a hospital and a petroleum company—candidly discuss the “why, what, and how” of implementing Managed IT Services in their organizations. IT Executive Panelists: Darrell Bodnar, Director of Information Services, Weeks Medical Center Dave Widener, Director of IT & Project Management, Dead River Company Listen to Darrell… Read more »

IT Help Desk for the Holidays

Join Jay and Geoff for a discussion on modern IT Help Desk approaches and how cloud platforms and a tech-savvy workforce have fundamentally changed the support game. Learn why your IT Help Desk can’t be an afterthought, and why it needs to be scientific and handled by professionals. Finally, discover how easy it is to… Read more »

Microsoft Office 365: Expectations vs. Reality.

In a recent survey of 1,000 American workers, 93% said access to technology that allows them to work anywhere makes them more productive and successful. Sounds great! So why aren’t organizations flocking to O365 in droves? Because there is more to migration and support than what’s inside the glossy brochure or stated in the tech… Read more »

How to “Houdini” the Risks of Deferred IT Maintenance

IT organizations typically spend 70% of their time and budget “keeping the lights on.” But do you want to be “typical,” or do you want to be world class? And how do you free yourself from the constraints of deferred maintenance so you can achieve your goals? Join us for Part 2 of our Managed… Read more »