On-Demand Webinars

Infrastructure Modernization: The Key to Successful Digital Transformation?

IT is being asked to be an innovation center for the business, charged with uncovering new ways to add value. But how can IT embrace this new role while operating on traditional infrastructure? With budgets tight, is the answer to do more with your current technologies or invest in new approaches to optimize an increasingly hybrid reality? Or both? Read more »

Webinar: Begin Your Digital Journey - Sound Strategy Starts with the Right Data and Goals

Listen to our panel of experts explain how to gain the visibility necessary to kickstart a successful digital transformation program. In this webinar, you'll learn how to effectively baseline your current state and preparedness; change your infrastructure, tools, and embrace a cloud model; and modify business processes and organizational cultureRead more » 

Webinar: Blueprint for Hybrid Cloud Success: Use Cases You Can Apply Now

Almost 100% of our clients are in the process of migrating to public cloud...HOWEVER the vast majority have encountered a range of challenges which are stalling and impeding this strategic initiative. Why? Join our Cloud Ops experts, to learn about the key strategies to plan, optimize, and govern your public and hybrid clouds…. Read more »

Webinar: Security Best Practices for Modern Mobile Workloads

Security OF the Cloud is not the same as Security IN the Cloud. Hear from our panel of experts on best practices for securing mobile workloads and data, regardless of platform, plus learn how to right-size a cloud security strategy based on your overall security framework. Read more »

Cyber Security for Modern IT

Every aspect of IT is currently under transformation. Hybrid cloud. Digital disruption. DevOps. AI. IoT. Ubiquitous connectivity. Mobility. Your execution venues are diverse and sprawling, and your attack surface is now massive (and likely more porous than you know.) And, with more digital assets than ever before spread across myriad environments–the likelihood of a cyber attack increases exponentially...Read more »

Webinar: AWS or Azure? How to Move from Analysis Paralysis Toward a Smart Cloud Choice

AWS, Azure…Azure, AWS…Google Air (really?). Join us for an honest, back and forth discussion between our Amazon expert and our Microsoft expert to explore the technical and business values of each platform. Date: Feb 28th Time: 11:00 AM ET Register Now! As most IT professionals know, choosing between these dynamic cloud entities can be overwhelming…. Read more »

DevOps + ITOM for Secure & Compliant Hybrid Cloud Ops

Modern business requires agility, innovation, and thought leadership at speeds that turn traditional development, test, and release cycles into roadblocks, resulting in aggressive adoption of DevOps either formally or informally with Bi Modal IT. While DevOps is releasing workloads outside of IT’s peripheral vision and injecting security and compliance risk to the business, IT is… Read more »

Webinar: 20 Critical Security Controls Every Modern Company Should Have

Do you feel as if security touches everything in your organization and you can’t quite get your arms around it Do you wish there were a checklist to ensure you’ve considered all angles and options? Wouldn’t it be nice to have metrics to compare against for context? We’ll review 20 Critical Security Controls and what… Read more »