VTUG Summer Slam 2017 New England!

Please join GreenPages at the New England VTUG Summer Slam!

GreenPages’ own David Barter will be presenting a special seminar at 1:00, 2:00 & 3:00 pm: Desktop as a Service: How Does the Public Cloud Make It Easier? (See abstract below.)

The Virtualization Technology Users Group provides education and information to IT professionals so they can make better decisions in their virtual environments. VTUG is the only platform independent virtualization users group.

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Thursday, July 2oth, 2017
Westbrook Performing Arts Center, Westbrook, ME
Followed by
Gritty’s Lobster Bake & Party!
Gritty’s Brew Pub, Freeport, ME

Desktop as a Service: How Does the Public Cloud Make It Easier?
Presented by David Barter, Practice Director, End User Computing, GreenPages
DaaS has been around a long time as a hosted solution. But it has always been expensive to spin up one’s internal DaaS solution. Here comes the public cloud, riding in to save the day! Wait, What? Run a secure desktop out of a public cloud space? Are you nuts? That will never pass my security team, the experience will be terrible, and I won’t be able to connect my datacenter to my apps in the delivery plane. Lions and tigers, and bears, OH MY! Armed with new information from VTAB, let’s talk about how DaaS in the public cloud space really is easier and more flexible than you think.


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