IT Help Desk for the Holidays: The Strategic Gift That Keeps on Giving

Join Jay and Geoff for a discussion on modern IT Help Desk approaches and how cloud platforms and a tech-savvy workforce have fundamentally changed the support game. Learn why your IT Help Desk can’t be an afterthought, and why it needs to be scientific and handled by professionals. Finally, discover how easy it is to leverage modern IT Help Desk services and why it’s the best present you can give your organization…and yourself.

Topics Include:

  • Market trends in Help Desk: Modern vs “Old School”
  • Considerations for building your own IT Help Desk
  • How to significantly reduce ticket resolution time down to minutes
  • Tailoring Help Desk to unique business needs and IT environments
  • How to support complex devices that require different authentication methods
  • Handling distributed applications in private data centers needing VDI connections