VMware NSX vs. Cisco ACI: When to Use Each, When to Use Both.

VMware NSX vs. Cisco ACI: When to Use Each, When to Use Both.

It can be argued that software-defined networking is the hottest topic in IT today. In fact, IDC Research predicts the SDN market to reach $8 billion in revenue by 2018. The many benefits of SDN—extreme business and operational agility for example—has smart IT organizations asking: “What’s the best solution for my business, VMware NSX or Cisco ACI? Or both?”

Watch a video discussion (no death by PowerPoint) with out networking guru Nick Phelps who gives an excellent overview of each solution, their strengths and drawbacks, which IT environments are better suited to each, how they differ, and where their functionality overlaps and even compliments one another.

Topics include:

  • The current state of the software-defined networking market
  • VMware NSX & Cisco ACI overview
  • Software-defined networking vs. network function virtualization
  • What SDN pitfalls do I need to watch out for?
  • What does it really take to prepare my environment to run either of these?
  • Real-world use cases for each solution
  • How and when to use NSX and ACI together

And remember, no matter which solution you go with, they both require you to be incredibly intimate with the applications in your environment.