Webinar: How Cloud Is Killing Traditional Help Desk: What End Users Need Now

The focus of the IT industry in the Cloud Era has been on 4 of the 5 “Ws”: WHY cloud, WHAT platform, WHERE to put workloads, WHEN to deploy. But what about the other “W”: WHO?

In this on-demand webinar we switch perspective and think about support from the point of view of the user community. We discuss how the adoption of cloud services as the new workplace standard affects end user support needs and engagement preferences. In addition, we cover what organizations should do to keep users productive and happy as business becomes increasingly dependent on federated services delivery models.

Topics Include:

  • The key differences between a traditional Help Desk and a modern Help Hub
  • Navigating new channels of support: self-service, knowledgebase, search & keyword algorithms
  • Methodologies for supporting users using applications delivered from AWS, Azure, and others
  • Challenges and solutions that users face when using off-shore, multi-hop support infrastructures through cloud providers
  • Bridging the gap from wanting to give users anytime, anywhere access to completely enabling them to do so