Imagine if you could scale infinitely across the hybrid-cloud universe. Now imagine if it were effortless, secure, and fast.

    Whether you:
    • Are a new public cloud adopter looking to migrate to Azure correctly from the very start
    • Have an urgent need due to issues in your on-premises environment and don’t have time or resources to do the complex work to create a strategy
    • Have many Azure workloads but need better visibility and governance over rogue cloud users and an easier, faster way to scale...

    GreenPages’ Cloud Xcelerator Program gives organizations a Cloud Adoption Framework that lets you scale public cloud workloads with velocity.

    Market Opportunity of Cloud

    Cloud computing presents an opportunity for organizations to fundamentally shift the way they procure, deploy, manage, and deliver technology.

    The benefits are well proven:

    • The ability to trade capital expense for operational expense
    • Leverage exponential economies of scale
    • Decrease time to delivery
    • Prevent over-subscription / over-consumption
    • Cost visibility and cost allocation
    • Increase operational security by deploying consistent, ready environments and services in minutes

    The Challenges of Cloud

    When contemplating cloud adoption, however, many IT leaders are asking themselves, “How do we effectively make this change within our organization; where do we start?” GreenPages developed our unique Cloud Xcelerator Program to provide you with answers.

    Introducing GreenPages' Cloud Xcelerator Program

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    GreenPages' Cloud Xcelerator Program

    GreenPages' Cloud Xcelerator Program helps clients across all verticals accelerate Azure adoption success within their organizations. The Program delivers a series of modular workshops, and features GreenPages’ Cloud Xcelerator Platform—a live, proprietary hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud reference architecture environment that enables companies to move to the cloud and scale quickly and securely.

    Phases of GreenPages' Cloud Xcelerator Program

    GreenPages’ Cloud Opportunity Assessment [Technology] evaluates the current technology platforms a client organization relies on and develops a clear roadmap for cloud enablement. The goal is to determine the highest-value pivots to the cloud that an organization should make, and in what order they should make them.

    GreenPages’ Cloud Readiness Assessment [People] helps clients increase the success rate of cloud initiatives while mitigating risk of failure by uncovering client strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in the key areas of Business, People, Governance, Platform, Security, and Operations. This workshop helps client organizations understand the benefits that cloud provides, as well as the organizational changes necessary for cloud success and recommended best practices from Microsoft.

    A Landing Zone Creation & Proof-of-Concept [Build] leverages GreenPages’ Cloud Xcelerator Platform (below)—a live Cloud Adoption Framework reference architecture—to help clients solve complex technical challenges around connectivity, identity and access management, security, and governance. Our experts then work collaboratively with client teams to migrate or deploy a Proof-of-Concept application to Azure, allowing these client teams to gain the hands-on experience and confidence they need to accelerate their cloud journey.

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    GPCX Azure

    Three Key Benefits of GreenPages’ Cloud Xcelerator Program

    Security & Governance
    Organizations are struggling to address key questions such as: How do we procure cloud services? How many accounts? How many VPCs? What IOPS controls should I put in place? What are the Azure best practice recommendations from Microsoft? 

    Governance and efficiency take effort, and don’t come “out of the box.” GreenPages Cloud Xcelerator Program offers prescriptive guidance—a model you can scale. It doesn’t matter how your cloud footprint grows—slow or fast, we set you up for future, without all the re-work you’d have to do from a poorly thought out approach. You get: velocity and easy change cycles, lowered risk, lower operational costs, enhanced security, and improved cost controls.

    Identity & Access Management
    Public cloud account sprawl can be a serious black hole for many organizations, especially when anyone in any department can pull out a credit card and buy cloud on their own. This is a problem for both IT and the finance department. Who owns the root account? Are there multiple accounts for one user? Who’s doing what?

    Shadow IT or Wild West—whatever you call it, GreenPages provides you with the centralized visibility, controls, and policies you need for cloud governance. 

    Network Connectivity
    Multi-cloud network connectivity is complex—and gets extremely complex at scale. A networking admin can set up a VPC or VNet and it works from one account just fine, but as soon as you go to a governance model with more than one account, it becomes exponentially complex.

    You shouldn’t have to spend cycles, money, and time on this highly complex and mission critical objective as you grow. With GreenPages’ Cloud Xcelerator Platform, you can deploy, secure, and move on to more strategic projects. Even when you add larger, more complex workloads to Azure n the future, your architecture scales with your business.

    It's easy to get started! Set up a Cloud Xcelerator Workshop by contacting your GreenPages Account Executive or completing the form above!