While DevOps is releasing workloads outside of IT's peripheral vision and injecting security and compliance risk to the business, IT is struggling with tool proliferation and the operationally complex task of managing across private and public clouds while trying to maintain stability and control. These role conflicts within IT are causing departmental friction, stalling innovation, and creating an operational nightmare. It's clear that Bi-Modal IT is absolutely essential, but can it really be done? And if so, how do you deliver it successfully? 



Learn to:

  • Embrace not resist DevOps to enable secure, compliant, continuous deployment
  • Understand IT's pivotal role as the control plane for workload distribution
  • Transform your IT with a next-gen IT Operations Transformation Framework
  • Improve time to market by baking automation and security into workload release cycles
  • Establish competitive advantage by building a mature ITaaS model
  • Deliver on corporate directives by unifying and enabling groups engaged in different work styles
  • Increase visibility across distributed infrastructures with single pane operations
  • Improve availability, performance, compliace, and automation