Industries We Serve

Although GreenPages works with many different types of companies across the United States, we are especially equipped to deliver IT solutions unique to the challenges that commercial, healthcare, and financial organizations face. Our expertise in areas such as advanced virtualization, hybrid cloud computing, managed IT services, unified communications & collaboration, and data center modernization is unparalleled.

Commercial Technology Solutions

GreenPages provides the technological expertise that commercial businesses need to implement new technologies, extend the life of legacy systems, and modernize IT environments to harness the benefits of cloud computing.

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Financial Technology Solutions

GreenPages understands the unique challenges facing financial institutions today, and has the experience and expertise to deliver powerful, advanced IT infrastructures that give clients the highest level of security and agility.

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Healthcare Technology Solutions

GreenPages provides IT solutions that ensure healthcare organizations maintain patient care standards, centralize clinical information, and provide access to a community of physicians, mobile care givers, third party benefit providers, and employees.

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Public Sector Solutions

GreenPages has helped thousands of public sector clients fuel economic growth, expand access to public services, improve educational outcomes, and keep people safe, secure, and productive through the innovative use of technology.

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