IT leaders responsible for government agencies, non-profits, and public and private educational institutions face intense pressure to serve their constituencies, communities, and students while adhering to strict compliance mandates and with increasingly limited budgets.

    GreenPages has helped thousands of public sector clients fuel economic growth, expand access to public services, improve educational outcomes, and keep people safe, secure, and productive through the innovative use of technology. GreenPages works side by side with:

    •   Chief Security Officers
    •   Procurement Officers
    •   Contract Specialists
    •   Building Committees
    •   Education Management Teams
    •   CIOs of Public and Private universities

    No matter where you are across the U.S., GreenPages provides State Government organizations, Municipalities, Higher Educational Institutions, and K-12 School Districts with technology experts to strategize, architect, implement, and manage critical IT initiatives--all backed by a full resource team of account managers, project managers, engagement managers, and managed services personnel.


    GreenPages is proud to be a select authorized vendor on the most important  IT Procurement Contracts for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

    ITT72: This contract provides a wide variety of network services, communications services, and related equipment, including network hardware (wired and wireless) as well as all hardware related to voice services.

    ITC73: This statewide contract (which replaces ITC47) is for IT hardware and services and covers the acquisition of IT hardware, project management, integration, maintenance, and other related services.

    ITS74: This contract is for professional services to perform deliverables-based IT projects. Types of services include cybersecurity services, data-related services, independent verification and validation, project management, software, website, and systems development, systems integration and networking, and systems planning.

    ITS75: This is the new statewide contract for IT Software and Services (which replaces ITS58). Products include Commercial Off the Shelf Software (COTS); Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Cloud Services collectively. 


    GreenPages helps Municipalities build and integrate modern digital capabilities to streamline citizen services and drive economic development.

    Whether you’re a large metropolitan city serving millions of people or a smaller municipality looking to modernize your IT on a limited budget, you have a unique set of technology challenges when it comes to supporting your organization and your communities. 


    •  Security: ransomware; systems held hostage
    •  Failing regulatory compliance
    •  Limited budgets
    •  Directive to do more with less, maximize what you’ve got
    •  Legacy equipment; takes a lot to manage and patch, inhibits speed 
    •  No standardization
    •  Overwhelmed by options and changes in technology
    •  No fiscal accountability or transparency

    How GreenPages Helps 

    •  Streamline systems for permitting, planning, and zoning processes
    •  Special RFP bid creation services to create RFPs that eliminate complexity and redundancies. 
    •  Systems and tools to improve citizen experience, foster a vibrant business climate, and drive community developments
    •  Free up resources so you can focus on innovation
    •  Maximize your budget by keeping what’s working, and modernizing what isn’t
    •  Take advantage of cloud to modernize and drive agility and speed
    •  Break down information silos between departments (police department, fire department, utilities, economic development)



    GreenPages is proud to be listed on more than 70+ state contracts, making it smart and seamless for our public sector clients to work with us.

    GreenPages provides state government institutions with specific solutions to deal with the technology challenges surrounding budgetary constraints; data protection; network access; streamlined operations; data centralization; protection against security breaches; disaster preparedness; data recovery; and zero downtime—all against a tightly regulated, continuously shifting compliance environment.


    •   Protecting against cyber security, phishing, ransomware, and email fraud
    •   Systems don’t talk to each other: remote areas and offices are siloed
    •   Bidding/RFP process is inefficient, cumbersome, confusing and time consuming
    •   State and federal laws change often, making compliance a challenge

    How GreenPages Helps 

    •   We understand the state laws surrounding technology mandates
    •   Build smarter, connected government
    •   Improve collaboration with disparate counties and offices
    •   Engage citizens to interact with government whenever they choose on the device they choose
    •   Harness historical and real-time data with AI
    •   Adhering to strict privacy and compliance standards
    •   Operate more efficiently with unified systems
    •   Build and implement powerful disaster recovery plans


    We work with globally recognized institutions to prioritize and execute complex communication and technology projects aimed at strengthening the connection and efficiency of university administration, faculty, alumni, and student communities.

    We work with globally recognized institutions to prioritize and execute complex communication and technology projects aimed at strengthening the connection and efficiency of university administration, faculty, alumni, and student communities.


    •   Not meeting application numbers,
    •   Silos between university departments
    •   Too many applications to process due to modern systems
    •   Too few applications resulting in less selective students and lower endowments
    •   Maxed out registrations, maxed out classes
    •   Poor or cumbersome accessibility to university systems
    •   Concerns around cyber security, phishing, ransomware, and email fraud

    How GreenPages Helps 

    •   Meet enrollment numbers to drive revenue
    •   Drive competitiveness to enhance your brand
    •   Put IT at head of the table leadership
    •   Aligning IT investments with university priorities
    •   Find trapped value to apply to new, more strategic IT areas of the institution
    •   Unify institutional silos


    Whether a charter school, public school, or private school, GreenPages is one of the most experienced education technology integrators in the United States. 

    We help you determine the best way to invest in technology to drive your school’s mission and provide the systems and tools you need to transform learning environments; boost student achievement; and successfully engage digital-native K-12 students.


    •   Security across the entire school district and administrative departments
    •   Phishing scams, hacks, ransomware attacks on staff and students lead to erosion of trust
    •   Struggle to meeting state and federal learning standards
    •   Trying to integrate IT, but it is not part of your school’s mission or focus
    •   Stagnant budgets or budget cuts—poorer school districts especially 

    How GreenPages Helps 

    •   Modernize your IT infrastructure to enhance your curriculum.
    •   Provide unique new classroom technology tools to enhance learning and improve literacy
    •   Help schools find the perfect blend of personalized learning with technology to create a true a true 21st century classroom
    •   Use data analytics to evaluate full academic history for smarter instructional decisions
    •   Centralized dashboards and systems for teacher and parent accessibility
    •   Use of cloud to minimize heating and cooling of equipment
    •   Configuration services for district-wide student laptop programs
    •   IoT initiatives to minimize lighting and heating and to predict energy costs