Modern workforces are increasingly geographically dispersed, with teams spread across the country and globally using a wide range of disparate devices. This presents a challenge for IT organizations from both a management and security perspective.

GreenPages helps clients architect and implement the best modern workspace solution to empower end users, customers, and partners to collaborate and work from anywhere, seamlessly and securely on their choice of devices.

Carrier Services

Connectivity, compliance, security, uptime, and service levels are just a few variables to manage, and each metric varies from carrier to carrier and from company to company. Through our strategic relationships with 70+ carriers and suppliers, GreenPages will help your IT department navigate through the noise, ensuring that your carrier services integrate powerfully with your IT infrastructure and business vision. And we’ll be your single point of contact for all carrier service related issues for your business for the lifetime of your contract.

By working with GreenPages instead of with the carrier directly, you get a neutral, highly invested partner who:

  • Learns your business structure and goals up front
  • Understands your IT infrastructure and how it integrates with your carrier service needs
  • Determines the optimal solution for your business
  • Does the research to source the optimal solution and negotiate contracts
  • Implements and supports the selected solution
  • Stays on with your team to handle all customer service and escalations
  • Becomes an integrated part of your organization’s ecosystem

Network Connectivity    

Networks are changing every day—becoming faster, more reliable, and less expensive to deliver great amounts of bandwidth and high quality of experience for the users. More important, connectivity is a critical component to the cloud consumption model—without connectivity there’s no cloud!

Fortunately, so much cable has been laid to date, that there are now entire secure, fiber lit buildings owned by companies such as ATT, that enable modern businesses to no longer have to own and manage their own internal systems. Instead they can lease networking as a service, effectively removing the liability and risk that asset ownership entails. 

GreenPages has the ability to see and measure—in real-time—the service providers and facilities that are closest to your desired location and that meet your specific business needs. Once we triangulate your options, we can get quotes—whether it’s a data center, physical network, or even wireless and satellite connectivity—to help you make the most informed decisions.

24/7 Real-Time Circuit Monitoring

Ping: Pings are sent to measure packet loss, latency and whether a circuit is up or down.

Trace Route: Traceroute tests are sent to the router to provide circuit performance metrics.

Notification: Notifications can be sent via email to alert you and/or your customer if a circuit goes down

Dashboard & Reporting: Access a web-based dashboard to view current circuit status as well as a monthly emailed report if requested.

Circuit Monitoring with Resolution

When an outage occurs anywhere in the country, GreenPages will contact the provider, open a ticket, speed resolution, and communicate with appropriate stakeholders to share progress updates and ensure ticket closure.

Unified Communications as a Service

UC is a complete package containing all the communications tools that businesses use every day. It includes voice and telephony, and mobile support for companies with a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy. It can include email and voicemail, key system emulation, audio and video conferencing solutions, presence and instant messaging, or even desktop and thin browser clients.

A UC platform also incorporates communications applications, such as integrated contact centers and workstream collaboration tools. All of this is highly customizable and scalable to meet the needs of each individual business.

Revolutionized Customer Experience

What is the ultimate goal of UC? With UC, a company’s employees and customers receive a consistent user experience across any device, at any location. And with UCaaS, you get increased productivity and ease of collaboration in an efficient and flexible, cloud-based package.

Traditional call centers no longer suffice on their own in today’s landscape: the modern consumer uses a myriad of communications channels to get in touch with businesses and expects a response immediately, 24x7x365. UCaaS auto attendant functionality and call center integration are a couple of the many communications tools that can meet his demand. UCaaS can elevate the contact center experience by  integrating customer contact across multiple channels. This allows a business to better see and analyze the customer journey, ensuring customer satisfaction and reducing churn.

Real-time Awareness Technology

UC enables real-time presence across an organization, providing instant information on the availability of other users. Presence notifies other users of an employee’s ability to communicate, as well as the best way to reach them. UCaaS enables you to leverage your desk phone, laptop, and cell phone as one device, while leveraging email and calendar to collaborate, giving everyone real-time awareness of all internal communications

UCaaS takes all the responsibility of ownership of systems maintenance, security, reliability, redundancy, and maintenance, and pushed it all out to cloud. UCaaS allows a business to easily migrate to the cloud without locking them into a single model for the future. Per-user pricing guarantees significant cost savings. Moreover, it removes the billing headache of managing multiple vendors, some even using different currencies, freeing up finance and admin staff to focus on business initiatives.

Contact Center as a Service

Providing the best customer experience is an important part of building customer loyalty. GreenPages’ Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) is a cloud-based customer experience solution that offers best-in-class, multi-channel customer engagement. GreenPages partners with the world’s leading providers to deliver strategic CCaaS solutions for your business.

You may know you need a new phone system but there are 50 carrier choices and they all sound the same. GreenPages has the tools to help you determine which carriers have the features and capabilities critical to your business. We can stack these carriers up against each other and compare functionality—from international or multi-location features, call recording, hunt groups, mobile apps—even integration into existing investments such as Salesforce or ERP systems or healthcare and banking applications.

Customers are driving how businesses should interact—it’s not up to the business anymore. With CCaaS, a representative can log into a laptop from the United States and access a phone system in Sweden, and can immediately see all of a customer’s info the moment a call comes in. This all adds up to one automated and streamlined cloud ecosystem resulting in enhanced interactions and happier people. 

Why Choose CCaaS?

  • Best overall value and functionality
  • Agility and speed when adding locations
  • Intelligent call routing that maximizes productivity
  • High-quality Omni-channel customer experience (Voice, Email, Chat, Social Media)
  • Integration with CRM, Database & RESTful API
  • On-demand access to customer information
  • Workforce optimization and management
  • Cost effective upgrades
  • 24/7 comprehensive professional services and technical support

Customized Carrier Services Review

Which carrier service solutions are right for your business? Which carriers are best for your location, your organizational structure, and your IT infrastructure?  GreenPages offers a complimentary Carrier Services Review to baseline your current voice and data costs, and design and provide an analysis of the cost savings and the efficiency gains your company can achieve.

Enterprise Expense Management Services

Studies have shown that more than 50% of enterprises are unaware of their exact communication spend. With bills that range from hundreds to even thousands of pages, it can be extraordinarily challenging for the typical enterprise to manage.

This complexity is compounded by countless rate plans and intersecting contract terms and guarantees, and without the proper tools or expertise, organizations often skip a detailed review in favor of basic approval processes.

GreenPages’ Enterprise Expense Management Services help you audit and untangle your contracts, uncovering mischarges, overspend, and contract discrepancies, providing a deep expense analysis that lets you identify cost overruns as well as areas of trapped value. This valuable data is crucial to helping negotiate better contracts and renewals to true up and right-size your actual business needs.

One Bill
GreenPages offers a special service that consolidates all of your carrier service bills into one report, giving you visibility across 1000s of devices and different lines of business to create efficiency and peace of mind that your plans are being utilized effectively and managed accurately.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Many organizations are looking for ways to achieve the benefits of desktop virtualization without the need to install and maintain equipment or make capital investments. GreenPages offers Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions to provide clients with secure, complete virtual desktops in an easily managed, unified cloud service.

GreenPages’ DaaS solutions provide client end users with the powerful, secure, anytime access to systems they need to perform at a high a level. Because the underlying foundational infrastructure and software components (desktop brokers, security servers, provisioning engines, etc.) are handled by the provider, Desktop as a Service solutions alleviate time-consuming administrative and management tasks enabling IT to focus on more strategic business initiatives.

GreenPages’ DaaS solutions are fully integrated with your corporate infrastructure, enabling users to access crucial applications, systems, and data using any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) from any location.

VDI Selection

VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) is not a technology, it’s really a mobility solution. VDI enables modern, geographically dispersed workforces to access their personalized work desktops from anywhere, at any time, on multiple device types. Because VDI is now a common approach in digital-era organizations, there are many ways to build a VDI solution and numerous variables to consider before selecting the best one for your organization.

You need to determine the number of and type of endpoints you want to deliver and ensure any smartphone or tablet has the same amount of security as a corporate PC. In addition, data protection, backup, and disaster recovery are also important areas to address when considering a VDI solution. The process for backing up master images, user data, databases, and other files needs to be streamlined to ensure data protection and minimal administrative time.

If you choose to build a VDI infrastructure, you need to make sure you have the resources to manage it internally. While VDI intrinsically enables you to automate onboarding and slash de-provisioning times, it still needs a dedicated administrator to handle customizing each desktop to individual end users and the routine maintenance of keeping everything operational.

No matter which VDI environment your organization chooses—whether you build your own custom VDI stack, buy from one of the numerous VDI vendors in the market, or deploy a Desktop as a Service solution, GreenPages can help your IT team with a clear strategy and plan, including success measurements, to support a work from anywhere on any device culture of excellence.


Today’s collaboration technologies offer myriad ways for the modern workforce to communicate, including video conferencing, IM, and VoIP. But designing and implementing these solutions effectively can be challenging. GreenPages has a proven track record of designing collaboration solutions for customers, eliminating the complexity, and giving users the freedom to work across multiple platforms and devices—on premises or in the cloud.

There are a broad range of collaboration technologies on the market that enable modern teams to sync, share, and innovate. GreenPages offers clients deep experience to help clients evaluate and choose the best solutions for their business needs while also improving efficiencies by leveraging and optimizing technologies that clients may already have in their environment.

As with all digital-era IT initiatives, any collaboration strategy needs to consider business processes and desired outcomes: who is collaborating, when, where (remote offices, etc.) why, and which tools are best suited to achieving those goals. Not only does GreenPages help evaluate, design, implement, and manage collaboration solutions, we also ensure organizations have the necessary underlying infrastructure in place to support and optimize the solution’s performance.

GreenPages Collaboration Expertise at a Glance:

  • VOIP & IP Telephony
  • Mobile Applications
  • Unified Messaging
  • Video Conferencing
  • File Sharing

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In the modern digital era, mobility is the rule of the day and powerful security is a must. The ability to work from any location on any device increases workforce productivity, collaboration, and innovation but it also broadens your attack surface.

GreenPages’ powerful mobility solutions enable mobile end users to connect more purposefully with customers and stakeholders while providing powerful security controls to ensure access to essential data and systems is uncompromised.

A modern mobility approach should enable innovation; if it makes business sense to offer a new way for mobile users to access systems, IT’s role it to figure out how to enable the functionality.

GreenPages helps clients analyze their enterprise-wide infrastructure, including governance and policies, to design and implement a mobile architecture strategy that’s scalable, supportable, and agile.