GreenPages RACI Framework

GreenPages utilizes a RACI model to ensure quality, streamlined services delivery.

The acronym RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed and is used to establish clear expectations, roles, and boundaries for all GreenPages project and services engagements. RACI enables stakeholders—within both GreenPages and our clients’ organizations—to clearly understand each person’s distinctive roles and responsibilities.

RACI is an essential tool not only to ensure all complex tasks and activities are assigned and completed appropriately, but to enhance the value of the services being consumed. RACI clarifies from the start exactly what services the client can expect to receive across the entire IT stack when they engage with GreenPages. The framework helps clients know who to contact at 3:00 a.m., who is handling patching on specific systems, where to go for help with contract inquiries, who’s responsible for maintenance windows, etc.

OneTeam. Service quality is more than deliverables—it’s the value our services provide to your organization.

The RACI model is part of GreenPages’ OneTeam governance model. Most Managed Services Providers focus only on the specific tasks they’re contracted to perform. GreenPages expands this narrow focus to include our clients’ overall service delivery organization. Leveraging our OneTeam model and taking the time to understand our clients’ operational framework in a holistic way, GreenPages actually helps clients improve their own capabilities beyond the services listed on a contract.