Infrastructure Management

    Because the modern IT infrastructure spans physical, virtual, and cloud environments, poor infrastructure management can quickly become costly as business operations are exposed to:

    • Downtime as applications and databases fail due to poor configuration or sub-optimal data structure
    • Reduced user productivity as network and application infrastructure performance slows due to failing devices, storage quotas exceeded, or configuration errors
    • Security leaks when servers and desktops are not updated with the latest security patches
    • Loss of data due to servers or desktops have not been properly setup for backups
    • Wasteful capital investment when existing, unused or unknown infrastructure could be used

    Through our revolutionary Cloud Management as a Service platform (CMaaS), GreenPages offers clients single pane-of-glass management of physical, virtual, and cloud resources. This gives clients an unparalleled level of accuracy, transparency, and infrastructure operations management.

    • Manage Physical Resources: servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, UPSes, applications, IPtel systems, printers, switches, routers, firewalls, and storage platforms.
    • Manage Virtual Resources: your entire virtual infrastructure and application stack, along with on-premise private cloud environments.
    • Manage Cloud Resources: virtual environments located in any cloud-based resource (Terremark, Amazon, Rackspace, etc.) directly from the one portal rather than logging into multiple systems.

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