IT Monitoring and Alerting

    GreenPages offers clients full monitoring, management, and triaging of all IT alerts across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

    Rather than switch between four or five different, proprietary systems each monitoring a silo within your IT infrastructure, GreenPages aggregates all IT alert information across your environment and handles IT remediation and triaging behind the scenes. This frees up your IT personnel to focus on driving higher value services and projects core to your business.

    IT Monitoring & Alerting Capabilities:

    • Network Monitoring & Alerting
    • Server Monitoring & Alerting
    • Application Monitoring & Alerting
    • Security Monitoring & Alerting
    • Cloud Monitoring & Alerting

    GreenPages’ IT Monitoring and Alerting services are customizable and designed to meet the needs of both SMB as well as large enterprises. GreenPages helps customers drive business by better leveraging IT processes and assets while reducing overall IT costs.