Modern IT

    Modern IT organizations are faced with huge new challenges.

    First, IT now has competition. End users, lines of business, and development teams in particular, have new service level expectations based on their consumer experiences and their ability to get fast, cheap, commodity compute from companies such as Amazon.

    Second, IT is also being asked to be an innovation center for the business, charged with uncovering new ways to add value. IT is asking itself, what more can we do with technology? What groundbreaking new ideas do we have that can drive business?

    GreenPages helps corporate IT staffs enable private cloud functionality for their lines of business and development teams by deploying advanced management tools that provide automation and orchestration. We offer hybrid cloud management and software-defined solutions to give IT staffs time to spend on innovation vs. troubleshooting “keep the lights on” tasks. GreenPages also helps clients transform their IT organizations with velocity, to achieve true IT as a Service (ITaaS) delivery models that enable agility and support future business needs.

    Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)

    GreenPages helps organizations accomplish data center virtualization initiatives to help them drive forward with a software defined data center strategy.

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    Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

    With a hyper-converged appliance, the configuration, operational, and management aspects are handled by software, offering intelligent automation “out of the box” without integration complexity.

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    Microsoft Solutions

    GreenPages offers clients a business-outcome approach to designing, implementing, and managing modern Microsoft environments, including the Microsoft Cloud.

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    Private Cloud Enablement

    We help clients build automation, orchestration, and service catalog functionality to enable private cloud computing environments for internal users.

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    Public Cloud Enablement

    GreenPages’ cloud services brokerage solutions help organizations successfully migrate resources to public clouds and increase business agility, while ensuring IT maintains security, visibility, and complete control.

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    Hybrid Cloud Management

    GreenPages’ Managed IT Services, driven by experienced technical talent and an innovative cloud infrastructure management platform help clients successfully manage modern hybrid environments.

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    Advanced Virtualization

    There are many competing advanced virtualization technologies on the market which has created some confusion as well as inertia as organizations try to figure out how best to implement these solutions in their environment.

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    Transformation Services

    IT has always been tasked with building the platforms to support the applications and data that drive business. And that’s still true today. But the days of building heterogeneous one-off architectures are coming to an end.

    IT Transformation Services