Advanced Virtualization

    The evolution of IT as a service is driving new, advanced virtualization approaches.

    There is a tremendous market transformation underway as the first wave of virtualization reaches mainstream adoption, and a second wave gathers momentum. This second, powerful wave of advanced virtualization is extending the benefits realized in the compute layer into the network and storage layers, enabling a completely abstracted data center (i.e. software defined) able to move seamlessly between public and private cloud computing platforms.

    There are many competing advanced virtualization technologies on the market which has created some confusion as well as inertia as organizations try to figure out how best to implement these solutions in their environment. Advanced virtualization is also a complex undertaking, requiring new IT skillsets that many organizations may not possess in-house.

    Why Clients Choose GreenPages for Advanced Virtualization Initiatives

    • Highly skilled team focused exclusively on advanced virtualization
    • Cross-certified subject matter experts—can execute across all modern IT disciplines
    • Virtualization expertise across entire all layers:
      • Traditional, commoditized technologies (server, vm)
      • Advanced technologies and approaches (network virtualization, storage virtualization, SDDC)
    • Mature methodology: assess, design, implement, integrate, manage
    • Help clients move further along virtualization maturity curve
    • Specialize in large, complex, long-term virtualization projects

    Positive IT Outcomes for Advanced Virtualization

    • Completely automated, policy-driven provisioning across platforms
    • Extreme visibility into environments and more consistent services delivery
    • Single-pane-of-glass management of hybrid cloud environments
    • Lower OpEx management costs; lower CapEx hardware costs
    • Strong security of virtualized resources in public cloud environments
    • Increased agility through private cloud and self service capabilities
    • Improved efficiency through orchestration: repeatable internal processes