Hybrid Cloud Management

    In the modern cloud computing era, the biggest hurdle organizations face is how to easily and effectively manage resources on different platforms across disparate environments, while enabling end users and increasing business agility. This involves tying the blend of private, customer-owned architectures together with the public cloud platforms in use today at most companies. The result is a true hybrid cloud architectural model that can be managed, preserving the still valid command and control mandates of traditional corporate IT, and balancing those mandates with the end user empowerment and velocity expected in today’s cloud world.

    GreenPages Helps The Channel Company Build and Manage an All-Cloud Environment

    When The Channel Company split from its parent company in September 2013, they had to separate themselves from a vast amount of shared infrastructure and had to do so under the weight of looming deadlines dictated by the buyout agreement.

    The task for enterprise IT moving forward is to implement a management framework that can span all cloud environments in use. —CIO.com

    Excellence in IT Operations used to be all about well-enforced standards. But rigid standards can also stifle innovation, delay time to market, and handcuff your organization. Agility is the mandate in a hybrid cloud world, so how do you change the value proposition of IT Operations to be more about differentiated service levels, mass customization, and nuanced event orchestration while maintaining responsiveness, transparency, and delivering on traditional metrics?

    GreenPages’ modern Managed IT Services, driven by experienced technical talent and an innovative cloud infrastructure management platform—GreenPages Cloud Management as a Service (CMaaS)—help clients successfully manage hybrid environments with measurable benefits for both business and IT.