Public Cloud Enablement

    It is an undeniable fact that corporate application workloads are moving from customer owned architectures to public computing platforms. A recent RW Baird report included the following observations:

    • Traditional IT spending is growing in the low single digits; 2-3% per year
    • Cloud spending is growing at 40% plus per year
    • For every $1 increase in public cloud spending, there is a corresponding $3-$4 decrease in customer-owned IT spend.

    As the shift accelerates, organizations tied to the traditional, customer-owned IT world find themselves under financial pressures as they struggle to adapt. GreenPages’ Cloud Brokerage and Governance solutions help organizations with strategies to successfully migrate resources to public clouds and increase business agility, while ensuring IT maintains security, visibility, and complete control.

    Some public cloud providers may be enterprise-ready, but not all vendors are enterprise-grade.

    GreenPages helps corporations evaluate applications to determine if they’re a good fit for public environments with regard to latency concerns; performance needs; management requirements; and legal, privacy, and regulatory issues. We then offer implementation strategies that enable organizations to provide elastic, scalable, on-demand IT services accessible anywhere at any time.

    Quickly and easily scale on-demand as business needs dictate with a smart public cloud strategy.

    What’s the best way to get started?

    Begin managing your datacenter as if it were a cloud environment with a tool or platform (such as GreenPages’ CMaaS) that can manage traditional and public environments in the same way—even legacy applications and applications with specialized hardware. By monitoring and measuring your applications in a consistent manner, when an application is deployed to a cloud provider, you can continue to monitor, measure, and manage that application using the same method.