Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)

    The software-defined data center—the most efficient cloud infrastructure. Extend your architecture.

    As workloads continue to proliferate and change, IT needs to find a way to enable business agility—more quickly, efficiently, and securely. Rather than continue to build-out more infrastructure that needs to be managed and supported, IT is embracing the power of the software-defined data center.

    In the software-defined data center, all infrastructure has been virtualized, and infrastructure management is entirely controlled by policy-driven software. By separating the control plane (management) from the data plane (physical infrastructure), the data center becomes exponentially more agile than ever before.

    Controlling and managing a data center with software however, is quite different than traditional data center approaches. GreenPages helps organizations move toward fully automated data centers through SDDC strategy and design, implementation, and management solutions so IT organizations can shift resources from daily operations to helping drive business initiatives.

    The building blocks of any successful Software-Defined Data Center strategy must start with data center virtualization, specifically:

    • Server virtualization: masking of server resources (including the number and identity of individual physical servers, processors, and operating systems) from server users to increase resource utilization and ensure capacity.
    • Storage virtualization: pooling physical storage from multiple network storage devices into what appears to be a single, centrally managed storage device
    • Network virtualization: splitting available network bandwidth into independent channels that can each be allocated to a particular server or device in real time.

    GreenPages helps organizations accomplish all of the above data center virtualization initiatives to help them drive forward with a software defined data center strategy. By creating completely abstracted data centers that can move seamlessly between private and public platforms, we create competitive advantage for clients.

    Automation and Orchestration

    Automation and orchestration: the decoupling of compute, network, and storage from hardware and driven by policies

    There are numerous technologies and tools available today to architect a state-of-the-art SDDC or hybrid cloud environment. However, it can take a lot of manpower and elbow grease on the operations side to make proper use of these technologies and realize the full value of your investment. Defining services and using proper configuration management, change management, and financial management is crucial. Because of this, automation and orchestration solutions are a must-have core component of the software defined data center. GreenPages helps organizations determine the business and technical drivers behind automation and orchestration initiatives and the best technologies to use for each unique customer environment to reap the business value and performance velocity of these modern IT approaches.

    Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

    The concept of SDN has been around for quite a while; in fact organizations with virtualized environments utilizing a virtual switch are already using SDN at some level.

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    Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

    Increase operational efficiency, lower the CapEx costs of managing NAS and SAN environments, and enable deliver IT services to end users more quickly than ever before.

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