Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

    GreenPages’ experts help organizations implement software-defined networking (SDN) solutions in their environments, enabling IT to provision and manage network infrastructures more effectively so they can work on strategic business initiatives while ensuring application availability and user access needs are met.

    The concept of SDN has been around for quite a while; in fact organizations with virtualized environments utilizing a virtual switch are already using SDN at some level. With software defined networking, the control plane is decoupled from the forwarding plane of a switched environment and management is given to a hypervisor or 3rd party application.

    Nothing is “new” from a traditional networking perspective, but while network virtualization adds virtual “tunnels” and functions to the physical network, software-defined networking actually changes the physical network by essentially virtualizing the network layer beyond traditional host virtualization.

    How Software Defined Networking is Enabling the Hybrid Cloud

    In this video, we discuss the technologies surrounding SDN and the ecosystem it’s created as mandated by the workloads that are transforming in the hybrid cloud environments of today and, based on that, creating the networks of tomorrow.