Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

    GreenPages’ software-defined storage (SDS) solutions help companies increase operational efficiency, lower the CapEx costs of managing NAS and SAN environments, and enable IT to deliver IT services to end users more quickly than ever before.

    Similar to server virtualization, SDS removes the physical barriers tying data to hardware. However, SDS is not storage virtualization, exactly. Where storage virtualization allows multiple storage devices or arrays to pool capacity so it appears as if they’re sitting on a single device, software-defined storage involves separating the storage features or services themselves from the storage device. SDS uses a software layer to provide storage capabilities such as replication, snapshots, deduplication, and thin provisioning.

    As with software-defined networking, organizations are most likely using some level of software-defined storage in their environments today, but may not be taking full advantage of what is currently available on the market. GreenPages helps clients implement SDS solutions to consolidate multiple storage platforms from multiple vendors utilizing myriad protocols into one centrally managed approach.