GreenPages is proud to be an HPE Platinum Partner delivering the highest quality services across the entire HPE solutions portfolio.

    Our deep experience, technical capabilities, and long-standing partnership with HPE enable us to not just provide clients with unparalleled expertise in HPE technologies, but deliver the knowledge necessary to successfully integrate HPE solutions with other leading technologies across the data center stack.

    GreenPages’ core HPE specializations and competencies include:

    • Gold HPE Hybrid IT
    • Silver HPE Pointnext Services
    • Silver Partner Ready for Networking
    • Silver Aruba Campus Mobility
    • Object Storage Scality

    Everything as a Service

    IDC predicts that by 2020, consumption-based procurement is going to account for 40% of the enterprise IT infrastructure spending. Why is the IT industry driving customers toward more of a consumption sourced model? The demands in this digital economy that business puts on IT are very strong. Organizations need to move fast to support the business. They need to lower IT costs. They need to take that money and move it toward more strategic projects. They need to fuel innovation vs. spending time on day-to-day maintenance tasks. And they need proper control, security, and compliance.
    HPE's GreenLake Portfolio helps customers deliver the business outcomes that their business demands. It's a suite of consumption-based IT solutions designed, delivered, and operated by HPE Pointnext with a simple, pay-as-you-go IT financial model. 
    • GreenLake Flex Capacity. This is the infrastructure pay-per-use solution covering servers, storage networks, VMs, containers, and much, much more. It's on premises and offers up a structure with cloud-like economics. 
    • GreenLake Workload Solutions. This includes Backup as a service, SAP HANA as a service, and Database as a service, which considers not only the infrastructure but the services and the software that comprise the whole solution.
    • GreenLake Hybrid Cloud. This gives organizations the ability to consume the right mix of hybrid cloud solutions for their business, be it private cloud on premise or public cloud through AWS or Microsoft Azure. 

    Intelligent Edge

    At at a high level, IoT is intertwined with the concept of the hyperconnected world. The sheer number of hyperconnected devices is dizzying; IoT is about digitizing the physical world and making use of that data for the purpose of improving business processes and user experiences. 

    To do this requires a significant amount of infrastructure evolution. Because the data is sitting where the physics occurs whether the moving parts of a jet engine, the temperature in a process vat, or traffic patterns on a busy city street, collecting that data to digitize those physical phenomenon requires processing very close to the source. 

    GreenPages' HPE solutions help organizations:

    Connect and protect users, data and devices

    • We help clients create a fast and secure experience foundation with Aruba wired and wireless networking, secure access with ClearPass, and user and entity behavior analytics with Introspect.
    • We help enable location services for content-based, more personalized services with Aruba Meridian which allows clients to not only respond to who someone is, but also where they are unlocking new levels of personalization.
    • With HPE Pointnext, we apply design thinking to the entire experience design (XD) process, using Agile methodologies integrating HPE and HPE partner solutions, or building new cloud-ready software.

    Process, analyze, and act anytime, anywhere to drive insights

    • We help clients tap into intelligent spaces to access a wealth of insight into employee, visitor, guest, fan, and consumer behavior that can be used to better engage, serve, and protect customers and employees with HPE Edgeline and HPE Micro Datacenter
    • We help clients speed insights across the enterprise at every scale with private, public, and multi-clouds to high performance computing with HPE Apollo and software-defined infrastructure.
    • With expertise from HPE Pointnext’s AI, Data, and Emerging Technologies we help clients accelerate the design, creation, and deployment of their data management strategy.

    Speed and simplify experience creation and delivery

    • We help clients speed the design process edge to cloud and we offer experience design services from HPE Pointnext and CTP
    • We help clients speed experimentation with pay-as-you-go, consumption-based IT services with HPE GreenLake and innovative financial models with HPE Financial Services
    • We help clients speed digital workplace initiatives with integrated solutions: HPE Smarter Digital Workplace brings together traditional workplace productivity solutions with IoT and data analytics in a mobile-first and IoT enabled way.

    Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud

    Organizations want to be fast, but they experience speed bumps along the way that slow down their journey to transformation success. While many enterprises are using cloud today, few are achieving the speed and agility needed.

    Many client are struggling to get the full value of moving to the cloud. Companies tend to fall into the trap of confusing simply moving IT systems to the cloud with the transformational strategy needed to get the full value of the cloud. 

    GreenPages uses HPE solutions to accelerate cloud transformation by addressing the toughest challenges from people and process, to economics and technology, with expertise and solutions to help enterprises get hybrid cloud right.

    We help clients find and achieve the right mix of clouds to match their app and business requirements:

    • We help clients assess their cloud strategy and maturity and the needs of apps and data to develop a go-forward business plan with solutions such as HPE Accelerator Workshops for Cloud.
    • We help clients assess the cloud skills of their people with a plan to help create a culture of continuous change, and to design, build, and operate new environments with the skills needed, including the management of change with HPE's Learning and Development organization.
    • We help customers establish governance to manage security and cost by evaluating their environment and implementing solutions such as HPE OneSphere, and better track usage, cost and control spent in public and private clouds with HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud. 

    Intelligent Data Platform

    The Intelligent Data Platform from HPE reimagines how data is delivered, managed, and analyzed – in the cloud, within the data center, at the edge. Powered by HPE Infosight, it gives customers self-managing infrastructure that gets smarter every minute, and the ability to develop applications once and run anywhere. The Intelligent Data Platform is AI-driven, built for cloud, and can be delivered as-a-Service.

    GreenPages and HPE help customers implement an Intelligent Data Platform that turns data challenges into business opportunities.

    • We help clients architect workload-optimized composable systems that span mission-critical, general purpose, secondary, and big data/AI workloads.
    • We deliver cloud data services so that clients can embrace hybrid cloud.
    • We connect all of these with bi-directional data mobility so that data can flow seamlessly across the lifecycle.

    Benefits and Enablement from the Intelligent Data Platform:

    • For the LOB owner, we can accelerate all application workloads.
    • For the VM admin and Cloud admin, we enable them to effortlessly deploy and scale VM farms and embrace hybrid cloud.
    • For Developers, we enable them to deploy their CI/CD pipelines on containers or VMs and accelerate parallel builds.
    • For Data Scientists, we empower them to build a better world with data by shrinking time to deriving insights from months to minutes.
    • For the Infrastructure Admins, we make the infrastructure effortless, so they can innovate, not administrate. 

    GreenPages offers the full suite of HPE Intelligent Data Platform solutions including:

    • Workload optimized systems that can address any workload type from 3PAR mission critical systems to Nimble Storage general purpose systems. 
    • StoreOnce and Recovery Manager Central provide platforms for secondary storage and data protection as well as data mobility across the portfolio. 
    • HPE Apollo and BlueData solutions for emerging big data and AI applications.
    • HPE InfoSight to help predict and prevent issues from impacting business and AI–driven guidance to further optimize your environment.   
    • HPE GreenLake consumption based models that provide the flexibility of consuming these solutions as-a-service with 

    GreenPages helps clients leverage HPE's Intelligent Data Platform to deliver an As-a-Service Experience to modernize and transform your environment and achieve the agility your business requires.

    Transform IT with Software-defined 

    Customers want to emulate the operational efficiency, speed of innovation with end-to-end control, pay-as-you-go economics, and cloud experience across their own private clouds. Private cloud platforms, differentiated by composability, and hybrid cloud management make it faster, easier, and more cost-efficient for internal IT to deliver services and provide a strong user experience. 

    Gain efficiency and control with software-defined solutions that let you manage all your infrastructure as code, using powerful software to deploy IT resources quickly, for any workload.

    A unique feature of the HPE's open hybrid cloud platform is an innovative fabric built for composable environments and managed as a resource by HPE OneView, which radically simplifies the network, lowering costs and improving operational efficiency.

    The Composable Fabric feature simplifies traditional data center networking by self-configuring the network and delivering dynamic workload balancing to improve performance and reduce over-provisioning, up to 70 percent. Features include:

    • HPE Composable Cloud for ProLiant DL is an integrated software stack that allows enterprises to benefit from choice of public and private clouds
    • HPE Composable Cloud for Synergy adds the flexibility and performance to address any workload within a private or hybrid cloud environment
    • HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged solution with Composable Fabric sets a new standard for hyperconvergence with the integration of software-defined networking
    • HPE OneSphere provides organizations the ability to provision bare-metal-as-a-service through HPE OneView automation, along with enhanced insights and governance features

    The solution integrates the key components of HPE's software stack to provide the following benefits for clients:

    • Built-in artificial intelligence from HPE InfoSight software, offering predictive analytics and continuous learning to optimize the environment;
    • Enhanced data insights through additional intelligent storage capabilities;
    • Simplified and automated networking from a software-defined Composable Fabric that enables non-disruptive scale across servers, racks and data centers;
    • Software-defined infrastructure management and workflow automation via HPE OneView, which enables IT to build and scale private clouds in minutes, as well as API integration and a broad partner ecosystem that enables organizations to easily integrate a collection of applications, containers, hypervisors, cloud stacks, and tools
    • An As-a-Service hybrid cloud management solution across public and private clouds from HPE OneSphere, providing cost and utilization visibility as well as policy compliance across all clouds. 


    Unlock Data with AI

    Modern enterprises want to grow and find new revenue streams, become more efficient, and gain competitive edge. They're starting to realize that the data generated by their businesses is not a burden, but a potent raw material that holds insights that can transform their business.

    Through AI and advanced analytics tools, organizations can achieve more efficient operations, more productive systems, and grow their business. Companies know they can't afford to miss this opportunity and that competitors that do leverage their data pose a serious business threat. 

    AI has the unique ability to extract meaning from data, but it's a challenging task to actually make it a reality. In fact 4 in 10 companies cite lack of analytic skills as a key barrier toward success--particularly since the AI landscape changes daily with niche companies and frameworks hitting the market daily.

    GreenPages helps clients create and implement an intelligent data strategy--from retaining your data, to extracting the data, to curating your data and metadata, to federating it across all your business units, to actually putting the data to proactive use.

    GreenPages helps clients by leveraging HPE's scale-out HPC architectures as well as large-memory architectures with advanced research in Memory-Driven Computing and HPE Superdome Flex.

    By using AI-driven approaches, clients can unlock the value of data with solutions such as HPE Pointnext Centers of Excellence (CoE), High Performance Computing, data lake architectures, edge computing, HPE GreenLake, and more.