A massive shift to remote work and remote learning resulted in public sector organizations rethinking their IT environments. 

    A massive shift to remote work and remote learning resulted in public sector organizations rethinking their IT environments. Digital transformation initiatives, cloud migrations, and unified communications systems have radically altered how the public sector operates, but these new IT environments are being disrupted by criminals—eroding trust in public institutions. How can public sector IT leaders defend users and their data against today’s cybersecurity attacks while future-proofing their systems against emerging threats? 

    GreenPages helps IT leaders in the public sector protect their systems and users with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. For over 30 years, GreenPages has worked with organizations to build customized IT solutions with a focus on security and productivity. Our public sector-specific cybersecurity solutions are designed to maximize risk management and optimize data compliance. We offer 

    Governance, Risk, and Compliance - GreenPages analyzes security gaps against NIST, HIPAA, SANS CIS, and other regulatory frameworks. Let us align your processes to reduce risks and meet compliance obligations.  

    Managed Security - GreenPages delivers powerful technologies backed by continuous monitoring for managed detection and response (MDR) solutions that either augment your existing IT security team or provide you with turnkey 24/7 security operations. 

    Cloud Security - GreenPages offers native cloud security solutions for AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and hundreds of SaaS providers. We connect to your cloud environments in minutes to deliver comprehensive protection.  

    Network Security - GreenPages protects your data, applications, and users with secure network designs. From SD-WAN and wireless security to next-generation firewalls and micro-segmentation, GreenPages builds zero trust security in your network.  

    Application Security - GreenPages builds security into your organization’s software development lifecycle processes. We help protect your continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines with proven best practices and managed cloud solutions.  

    Incident Response and Management - GreenPages rapidly remediates any cybersecurity emergency at scale. We respond quickly to eliminate threats, scan for potential incidents, and provide reporting and guidance on preventing future attacks. 
    Availability and Resiliency - GreenPages help your public sector organization achieve high levels of operational resilience. We bring the expertise, experience, and skills necessary to ensure business resilience with quick disaster recovery.  

    Penetration Testing - GreenPages built a penetration testing solution that provides public sector IT leaders the insights needed to evade financial setbacks and business disruptions. We provide actionable recommendations on the specific risks to your organization.

    Cybersecurity solutions from GreenPages are built for public sector IT environments based on premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both. GreenPages solution architects work with you to develop zero-trust security plans that protect user data and devices without compromising your organization’s productivity. Our managed cybersecurity solutions integrate seamlessly with your IT environment and our security experts become a trusted partner in protecting your organization and the people you serve.

    Partner with GreenPages to provide your public sector organization with the comprehensive cybersecurity strategies needed to secure your IT environment.